2020 MRS Fall Meeting

Join us in Boston!

The 2020 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit will be held November 29–December 4, 2020, Boston, Massachusetts, at the Hynes Convention Center and adjacent Sheraton Boston Hotel.

The Call for Papers will be posted January 30, 2020.

Abstract submission opens May 15, 2020, and closes June 15, 2020 (11:59 pm ET).

Symposium Sessions

Broader Impact

BI01—Early Career Development—Insights from Academia and Industry

Electronics and Optics

EL01—Diamond and Diamond Heterojunctions—From Growth to Applications

EL02—Emerging Light-Emitting Materials and Devices—Halide Perovskites, Quantum Dots and Other Nanoscale Emitters

EL03—Emerging Low-Dimensional Chalcogenides for Electronics and Photonics

EL04—Beyond Graphene 2D Materials—Synthesis, Properties and Device Applications

EL05—Putting Photons to Work—Progress in Photomechanical Materials and Applications

EL06—Contacting Materials and Interfaces for Optoelectronic Devices

EL07—Coulomb Interactions in Functional Organic Materials and Devices—A Curse or a Blessing?

EL08—Frontiers of Halide Perovskites—Linking Fundamental Properties to Devices


EN01—Emerging Dielectric Materials—Applications in Energy Transmission, Storage and Conversion

EN02—Silicon for Photovoltaics

EN03—Overcoming the Challenges with Metal Anodes for High-Energy Batteries

EN04—Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries—Materials, Architectures and Techniques

EN05—Redox Flow Batteries—Materials, Methods and Devices

EN06—Advancement of Lithium-Based High-Energy Density Batteries at Multiple Scales, Factoring in Safety

EN07—Innovative Materials and Cell Design, Processing and Manufacturing Strategies for Solid State Batteries

EN08—Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management

EN09—Developing In Situ and Operando Methodology for Observation of Energy Conversion, Storage and Transport Processes in Materials and Devices

Flexible, Wearable Electronics, Textiles and Sensors

FL01—Bioelectronic Materials for Neural Interfaces—Stimulation, Sensing, Power and Packaging

FL02—Advanced Neural Interfacing Materials, Devices and Microsystems

FL03—Flexible, Wearable Electronics and Textiles

Materials Theory, Characterization and Data Science

MT01—Advanced In Situ Characterization of Materials Kinetics

MT02—Multimodal, Functional and Smart Scanning Probe Microscopies for Characterization and Fabrication

MT03—Frontiers of Imaging and Spectroscopy in Electron Microscopy

MT04—Using Machine Learning and Multiscale Modeling to Study Soft Materials and Interfaces

MT05—Advancing Materials Characterization Through Atom Probe Tomography

MT06—Strain and Defect-Driven Transport Properties in van der Waals Solids

MT07—Data Science and Automation to Accelerate Materials Development and Discovery

Nanomaterials and Quantum Materials

NM01—Nanophotonics—Emerging Hybrid Platforms, Materials and Functions

NM02—Advanced Linear/Nonlinear, Tunable and Quantum Materials for Metasurfaces, Metamaterials and Plasmonics

NM03—Nanotubes, Graphene and Related Nanostructures

NM04—Material Systems for Manipulating and Controlling Magnetic Skyrmions

NM05—Emerging Materials for Quantum Information Technologies

NM06—Spin Dynamics in Materials for Quantum Sensing, Optoelectronics and Spintronics

NM07—Progress in Neuromorphic Computing Materials, Devices and Systems

Soft Materials and Biomaterials

SM01—Lessons from Nature—From Biology to Bioinspired Materials

SM02—Hydrogel Technology for Humans and Machines

SM03—Materials and Mechanics Challenges in Haptics for Human–Machine Interfaces

SM04—Degradable and Self-Healing Electronic Materials for Biological Interfaces

SM05—Brain-Inspired Information Processing—From Novel Material Concepts for Neuromorphic Computing to Sensing, Manipulation and Local Processing of Biological Signals

SM06—Biofabrication for Emulating Biological Tissues

SM07—Biomaterials for Studying and Controlling the Immune System

SM08—Regenerative Engineering and Synthetic Biology

Structural and Functional Materials

SF01—Materials for Extreme Conditions (MEC)

SF02—Bulk Metallic Glasses

SF03—New Frontiers in the Design, Fabrication and Application of Metamaterials

SF04—Solution-Processed Semiconductors and Devices for Form-free Displays, Logic and Sensors

SF05—Advanced Materials for Additive Manufacturing

SF06—High-Entropy and Compositionally Complex Alloys

SF07—Processing Structure-Property Relationship of Advanced Intermetallic-Based Alloys for Structural and Functional Applications

SF08—Defect-Dominated Plasticity and Chemistry in Metals and Alloys