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Materials research plays a critical role in advancing science and technology, manufacturing processes, establishing new businesses and driving economic prosperity.

These printable resources include examples of how materials impact our lives, showcasing advances due to investments in materials research and highlighting areas where additional investments are needed. They are written for the lay public to facilitate communication with policy makers (and others) on matters of importance to the materials science community. Additional topics are developed each year based upon the priorities and challenges.


  • Research Funding Opportunities—Department of Energy Office of Science and Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)
  • A guide to science advocacy
  • OSTP Nominaton Congratulatory Letter
  • Overview of Research Opportunities—Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences
  • Basic Research Funding Opportunities at the Department of Defense
  • Advanced Materials for Our Energy Future
  • Recommendations for Funding Levels for the Defense Science and Technology (S&T) Program
  • 2018 National Defense Strategy
  • Responding to the U.S. Research Community’s Liquid Helium Crisis…An Action Plan to Preserve U.S. Innovation
  • National Science and Technology Council
  • 2016 MRS Spring Meeting Current Topics in Materials Science & Policy
  • Securing Our Competitiveness
  • Return on Investment–Economic Growth, Research Materials Innovation
  • Task Force on American Innovation–Scientific Research
  • Deconstructing the iPad
  • Energy Critical Elements Study Prepared by APS and MRS
  • Automotive Applications of Basic Research
  • Is Kevlar Enough?
  • Synchrotron and Neutron Facilities