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Arthur von Hippel (1898-2003) Memorial Website


Arthur R. von Hippel at age 100; photo taken by his grandson, photographer Jonas A. Kahn


Arthur Robert von Hippel (1898-2003) 

Arthur von Hippel, in whose honor the premier award of the Materials Research Society is named, was a pioneer in the study of dielectrics, semiconductors, ferromagnetics, and ferroelectrics. He was an early advocate of the interdisciplinary approach to materials research, and his example substantially furthered the science of materials.

This section of the website includes a number of documents about his life and his work.

Life in Times of Turbulent Transitions—The Autobiography of Arthur Robert von Hippel

This is the personal and professional autobiography of Arthur R. von Hippel, who was born in Rostock, Germany, in 1898 and died in Newton, Massachusetts, in 2003.

MRS Bulletin: Arthur R. von Hippel Tribute Issue

The November 2005 issue of MRS Bulletin was devoted to the life and times of Arthur R. von Hippel. Titled "Arthur R. von Hippel, In Memoriam (1898–2003): A Tribute to the Interdisciplinary Materials Research He Spawned," the issue was edited by Guest Editors Mildred S. Dresselhaus and Praveen Chaudhari. In honor of Arthur von Hippel, the issue was made freely available online.

Obituaries—Arthur Robert von Hippel

Obituaries that appeared in various publications following the death of Arthur Robert von Hippel in 2003.

Special Issue of Ferroelectrics (Coming Soon)

Special Issue of Ferroelectrics, dedicated to Arthur von Hippel on the occasion of his 94th birthday.  Ferroelectrics 135 (1992) [Republished with permission from the international  journal FERROELECTRICS and Taylor and Francis, the current publishers of FERROELECTRICS] 

A Man of Habit (PDF)

A Remembrance (Paul T. von Hippel)

Scientific Autobiography—Materials Design and Molecular Understanding (PDF)

The Wonders of Lichtenberg Figures (Arthur R. von Hippel)

Arthur von Hippel: The Man Behind the von Hippel Award (PDF)

Mildred Dresselhaus, MRS Bulletin, March 1989

Illustrations—Lightning Strokes in Other Worlds (PDF)

The Wonders of Lichtenberg Figures (Arthur R. von Hippel)

Lightning Strokes in Other Worlds (PDF)

The Wonders of Lichtenberg Figures (Arthur R. von Hippel)

The Contributions of Arthur Robert von Hippel to Electrical Insulation Research (PDF)

Markus Zahn, IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation 23 (1988), pp. 791-800. [© IEEE. Reprinted from the IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation with permission from IEEE]

The Laboratory for Insulation Research: Arthur R. von Hippel (PDF)

Chapter 11 from A Century of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, 1882-1982 by Karl L. Wildes and Nilo A. Lindgren (MIT Press, 1986), pp. 166-177. [With permission from MIT Press]