Banquet Speaker

Travis Rupp

Travis Rupp, University of Colorado Boulder

Travis Rupp is a full-time adjunct instructor of classics, art history, anthropology, and continuing education at the University of Colorado Boulder. He teaches all things Egyptian, Near Eastern, Roman, and Greek. Meanwhile, Rupp has been employed at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado, for four years in positions including bottling manager, packaging supervisor, and research and development. He also serves as an advanced sensory panelist at Avery, and he has been an avid home brewer for 15 years.  Most recently, he has been experimenting with and researching ancient beer production. As a result of these two careers and passions, Rupp is currently writing a book on the beginnings of beer in the ancient Mediterranean. Most recently, his travels and research abroad have focused on Greek beer production from the Bronze Age through the era of Alexander the Great.