About MRS


The Materials Research Society is governed by a Board of Directors, composed of a) the Officers of the Society, and b) 12 to 21 directors, of which up to 25% of them may be appointed. The exact number shall be set by resolution of the Board of Directors.

MRS officers include a president, a vice president (who is also president-elect), a secretary, a treasurer and the immediate past president.

All members of the board, except the president, serve on one of six Board Committees:

  • External Relations (ERC)
  • Finance
  • Governance (GovCom)
  • Nominating (NomCom)
  • Operational Oversight and Audit (OpsCom)
  • Planning (PlanCom)

Each committee is responsible for formulating policy and strategy issues in their specific areas for full Board consideration. The chairs of these committees plus the officers comprise the Governance Committee.

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