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MRS Workshops

The MRS Workshop Series provides a concentrated focus on timely and important research areas, as do the MRS Spring and Fall Meetings. Workshops, however, differ significantly in that they allow attendees to focus their full attention to a designated topic over a 2-3-day period; offer much more interaction and discussion between speakers and the audience; limit audience size; and offer attendees a more in-depth review of important topics than is typically allowed in a “snapshot” symposium. MRS members enjoy reduced registration rates for all MRS Workshops.

The Workshop Series is just one more way MRS is responding to the needs of its members. If you would like to suggest a topic or volunteer to organize a workshop, please contact us

Past Workshops

NASA Biological Materials, Biomaterials and Biomimetics Workshop
December 3, 2014 | Boston, Massachusetts 

Photovoltaic Materials and Manufacturing Issues III
September 10-13, 2013 | Golden, Colorado

Dynamics of High-Performance Materials at Extreme Conditions Workshop
November 30, 2012 | Boston, Massachusetts

Industrial Applications of X-Ray Diffraction
November 27, 2011 | Boston, Massachusetts

Photovoltaic Materials and Manufacturing Issues II
October 4-7, 2011 | Denver, Colorado

Directed Self-Assembly of Materials Workshop
September 28 - October 1, 2011 | Nashville, Tennessee

X-Ray Scattering Methods for Characterization of Nano-Materials Workshop
December 3, 2010 | Boston, Massachusetts

Functionalized Nanobiomaterials for Medical Applications
October 4-7, 2010 | Denver, Colorado

Photovoltaic Materials and Manufacturing Issues I
October 4-7, 2010 | Denver, Colorado

Nanocontacts and Nanointerconnects
April 5, 2010 | San Francisco, California

X-Ray Scattering Methods for Characterization of Advanced Materials
December 4, 2009 | Boston, Massachusetts

The Physics and Chemistry of Switching in Condensed Matter Workshop
April 1-2, 2005 | San Francisco, California

2nd International Workshop on Zinc Oxide
October 23-25, 2002 | Dayton, Ohio

International Workshop on Processing and Applications of Superconductors
August 1-2, 2002 | Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Materials Issues in MEMS
April 5-6, 2002 | San Francisco, California

Dielectric Science and New Functionality in Device Physics for Crystalline Oxides on Semiconductors 
September 11-12, 2001 | Chattanooga, Tennessee

International Workshop on Device Technology
September 3-5, 2001 | Porto Alegre, Brazil

High-k Gate Dielectrics
June 1-2, 2000 | New Orleans, Louisiana

Advances in Thin Film Simulations and Experimental Verification
June 23-25, 1999 | San Jose, California

Tribology on the 300th Anniversary of Amontons' Law
June 20-22, 1999 | San Jose, California