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Board of Directors     

The MRS Board of Directors is composed of elected officers and directors. Directors are elected for three-year terms with one third of the board changing each year. The president-elect serves three years (as president-elect, president and past president); the secretary is elected for a three-year term; and the treasurer is appointed yearly by the Board. Members of the Board may serve on the Board’s committees (Executive, Finance and Audit, Governance, Nominating), Board task forces or other ad hoc efforts commissioned by the Board.
Cherie Kagan, the 2021 President of MRS, discusses changes in the MRS Governance structure that provides greater engagement and empowerment of both volunteers and staff in alignment with the MRS mission.

2021 MRS Officers

Expiration of Board term follows name

Cherie Kagan

Cherie R. Kagan (22)
University of Pennsylvania

Matt Copel

Immediate Past President
Matt Copel (21)

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Carolyn Duran

Vice President
Carolyn R. Duran (23)

Intel Corporation

Dawnielle Farrar-Gaines

Dawnielle Farrar-Gaines (22)
Johns Hopkins University

Shenda Baker

Shenda Baker (22)
Synedgen Inc.

Todd Osman

Executive Director
Todd M. Osman

Materials Research Society


Ilke Arslan

Ilke Arslan (23)
Argonne National Laboratory

Leonard Brillson

Leonard J. Brillson (22)
The Ohio State University

Kristen Brosnan

Kristen H. Brosnan (22)
Collins Aerospace 

Kyong-Shin Choi

Kyoung-Shin Choi (23)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Baratunde Cola

Baratunde Cola (23)
Georgia Institute of Technology

Coray Colina

Coray M. Colina (22)
University of Florida

Catherine Dubourdieu

Catherine Dubourdieu (22)
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin / Freie Universität Berlin

Claudia Felser

Claudia Felser (23)
Max Planck Institute

Sarah Heilshorn

Sarah Heilshorn (21)
Stanford University

Frances Houle

Frances A. Houle (21)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Monica Jung De Andrade

Monica Jung de Andrade (21)

Sergei Kalinin

Sergei V. Kalinin (21)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Kisuk Kang

Kisuk Kang (21)
Seoul National University

Linda S. Schadler

Linda S. Schadler (21)
The University of Vermont

Ting Xu

Ting Xu (22)
University of California, Berkeley




Yusheng Zhao (21)
Southern University of Science and Technology