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Symposium SF01—Materials Research Needs to Advance Nuclear Fuels, Structural Materials and Wasteforms

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Symposium Organizers

SF01.01: Radiation Effects I
Session Chairs
Maria Okuniewski
Par Olsson
Monday AM, May 9, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

10:30 AM - *SF01.01.01
Surface Near Helium Damage in Materials Studied with a High Throughput Implantation Method

Peter Hosemann1,2,Mehdi Balooch1,Andrew Scott1,Yujun Xie1,2,Sarah Stevenson1,Frances Allen1,2

University of California, Berkeley1,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2

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11:00 AM - SF01.01.02
Radiation Tolerance of Hollandite Ceramics as Waste Forms for Cs and Transuranic Elements

Lumin Wang1,Li Jiang1,Tao Ma1,Kai Sun1,Yuhan Li1,Gary Was1,Mingyang Zhao2,Kyle Brinkman2,Jake Amoroso3

Univ of Michigan1,Clemson University2,Savannah River National Laboratory3

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11:15 AM - *SF01.01.03
Diffusion of Light Elements (He, T, Li) in B4C Boron Carbide—A Comparative Study Using Ion Beams

Nathalie Moncoffre1,Mohand Bousseksou2,1,Dominique Gosset3,Gaëlle Gutierrez2,Vianney Motte3,Yves Pipon1,Philippe Sainsot4,Thierry Sauvage5

IP2I CNRS and Lyon 1 University1,CEA, DES/SRMP JANNUS, Université Paris-Saclay2,CEA, DES/SRMA LA2M, Université Paris Saclay3,Univ.Lyon, INSA Lyon, LaMCoS4,CNRS CEMHTI5

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11:45 AM - SF01.01.04
Uranium onto Boron-Doped Diamond (U/BDD) Electro-Assembling for Neutron Detection Applications

Armando Pena-Duarte1,2,Alexis Acevedo3,Carlos Cabrera1,3

The University of Texas at El Paso1,University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras2,University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras3

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SF01.02: Fuels I
Session Chairs
Michel Freyss
Maria Okuniewski
Monday PM, May 9, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

1:30 PM - *SF01.02.01
Lower Length Scale Fuel Performance Modeling of U-Mo Fuel

Benjamin Beeler1,2,ATM Jahid Hasan1,Yongfeng Zhang3,Sean Masengale3,Aashique Rezwan3,Gyuchul Park4,Maria Okuniewski4,Shenyang Hu5,Zhi-Gang Mei6,Bei Ye6,Larry Aagesen2,Sourabh Kadambi2,Linu Malakkal2

North Carolina State University1,Idaho National Laboratory2,University of Wisconsin–Madison3,Purdue University4,Pacific Northwest National Laboratory5,Argonne National Laboratory6

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2:00 PM - SF01.02.02
Radiation-Enhanced Diffusion of U, Mo and Xe in γU-10Mo Alloy

Gyuchul Park1,Benjamin Beeler2,3,Maria Okuniewski1

Purdue University1,North Carolina State University2,Idaho National Laboratory3

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2:15 PM - SF01.02.03
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Xenon Bubbles in Uranium Mononitride

Jade Li1,Samuel Murphy1

Lancaster University1

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2:30 PM - SF01.02.04
Uranium Mononitride (UN) Properties from First-Principles Calculations and Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Vancho Kocevski1,Daniel Rehn1,Michael Cooper1,David Andersson1

Los Alamos National Laboratory1

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2:45 PM - SF01.02.05
Finite Element Analysis of the Residual Stresses Arising During the Fabrication of TRISO Coated Nuclear Fuel

Angelo Battistini1,Thomas Haynes1,Mark Wenman1

Imperial College London1

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3:00 PM - SF01.02

3:30 PM - *SF01.02.06
Computational Thermodynamics—An Invaluable Tool for Predicting the Thermochemical Behavior of Nuclear Materials in All State

Christine Gueneau1,Mathieu Garrigue1,Pauline Fouquet-Metivier1,Eva Lawrence1,Andrea Quaini1,Jean-Christophe Dumas1,Philippe Martin1,Clement Introini1,Jerome Sercombe1,Bo Sundman2

French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)1,OpenCalphad2

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4:00 PM - SF01.02.07
Multimodal Serial Sectioning and Synchrotron Micro-Computed Tomography Characterization of High-Burnup U-Mo Fuel

Alejandro Figueroa1,Daniel Murray2,Dennis Keiser2,Jonova Thomas3,Peter Kenesei3,John Almer3,Maria Okuniewski1

Purdue University1,Idaho National Laboratory2,Argonne National Laboratory3

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4:15 PM - SF01.02.08
Simulated Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuels—An XRD, XPS and Raman Study

Richard Wilbraham1,Colin Boxall1,Elizabeth Howett1,David Hambley2,Jessica Higgins3

Lancaster University1,UK National Nuclear Laboratory2,Rolls-Royce plc.3

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4:30 PM - SF01.02.09
Cermet Surrogate Nuclear Fuels from Coated Powders

Jonathan Johnson1,Ryan Wilkerson2,Stephen DiPietro3,Gregory Thompson1

University of Alabama1,NASA Marshall Space Flight Center2,Exothermics Inc3

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Symposium Organizers

SF01.03: Fuels II
Session Chairs
Gianguido Baldinozzi
Ming Tang
Tuesday AM, May 10, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

8:30 AM - *SF01.03.01
The Dissolution of UO2-Based Spent Nuclear Fuel Under Storage and Disposal Conditions—Insights from SIMFUEL Studies

Colin Boxall1

Lancaster University1

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9:00 AM - SF01.03.02
Constituent Redistribution in U-Pu-Zr Fuels and Its Dependence on Zr Content

Assel Aitkaliyeva1,Thad Rahn1,Karen Wright2,Luca Capriotti2

University of Florida1,Idaho National Laboratory2

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9:15 AM - SF01.03.03
Corrosion Behaviour of High-Density Advanced Technology Fuels

Ghebrehiwot Berhane1,Colin Boxall1,Richard Wilbraham1,David Goddard2,Denise Lopes3,Ross Springell4,Jacek Wasik4

Lancaster University1,National Nuclear Laboratory Limited Springfields2,Westinghouse Electric Sweden3,University of Bristol4

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9:30 AM - SF01.03.04
Corrosion Studies of Legacy AGR Spent Nuclear Fuel and AGR Simulant Fuels (SIMFuels)

Yifeng Huang1,Colin Boxall1,Richard Wilbraham1,David Hambley2,James Goode2,Lucy Kissick2,Stephen Henderson2,Andrew Taylor2

Lancaster University1,National Nuclear Laboratory2

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9:45 AM - SF01.03.05
Accurate First-Principles Prediction of Thermal Conductivity of UO2 Over a Wide Temperature Range

Tianli Feng1,Xiaolong Yang2

University of Utah1,Chongqing University2

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10:00 AM - SF01.03

10:30 AM - *SF01.03.06
How Can Raman Spectroscopy be Used to Study Nuclear Fuel?

Lionel Desgranges1,Patrick Simon2,Aurélien Canizares2


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11:00 AM - SF01.03.07
Fuel Pulverization Mechanisms Using Cluster and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Michael Cooper1,Christopher Matthews1,Rob Daum2,David Andersson1

Los Alamos National Laboratory1,Electric Power Research Institute2

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11:15 AM - SF01.03.08
Diffusion in Undoped and Cr2O3 Doped Crystalline and Amorphous UO2

Megan Owen1,Michael Cooper2,Antoine Claisse3,Mattias Puide3,David Goddard4,William Lee1,Simon Middleburgh1

Bangor University1,Los Alamos National Laboratory2,Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB3,National Nuclear Laboratory4

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11:30 AM - *SF01.03.09
Fundamental and Systematsic Methods to Characterise and Explore Materials Relevant to Spent Nuclear Fuel

Gabriel Murphy1,Zhaoming Zhang2,Brendan Kennedy3,Piotr Kowalski1,Philip Kegler1,Martina Klinkenberg1,Andreas Wilden1,Evgeny Alekseev1,Dirk Bosbach1

FZ Juelich1,Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation2,The University of Sydney3

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SF01.04: Radiation Effects II
Session Chairs
Gianguido Baldinozzi
Lumin Wang
Tuesday PM, May 10, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

1:30 PM - *SF01.04.01
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Radiation Damage Effects in Disordered Waste Forms

Kostya Trachenko1

Queen Mary University of London1

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2:00 PM - SF01.04.02
Radiation Resistance in Multicomponent Equiatomic Alloys

Fei Gao1,Angel Chavira1,Yeping Lin2,Huiqiu Deng2

Univ of Michigan1,Hunan University2

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2:15 PM - *SF01.04.03
Role of Electronic Energy Dissipation on Radiation Damage Production and Evolution in Nuclear Ceramics

William Weber1,Yanwen Zhang2,1

University of Tennessee1,Oak Ridge National Laboratory2

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2:45 PM - SF01.04.04
Rate Theory Modeling of Defect Evolution in Fluorite Oxides

Marat Khafizov1,Joshua Ferrigno1,Saqeeb Adnan1,Kaustubh Bawane2,Amey Khanolkar2,Linu Malakkal2,Cody Dennett2,Chao Jiang2,Lingfeng He2,David Hurley2

The Ohio State University1,Idaho National Laboratory2

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3:00 PM - SF01.04

3:30 PM - *SF01.04.05
Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Reveals New Mechanisms and Emerging Phenomena in Radiation Induced Defect Interactions

Farida Selim1,Sahil Agarwal1,Hyosim Kim2,Nan Li2,Yongqiang Wang2,Peter Hosemann3,Blas Uberuaga2

Bowling Green State Univ1,Los Alamos National Laboratory2,University of California, Berkeley3

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4:00 PM - SF01.04.06
Three-Dimensional Imaging of Radiation-Induced Defects in Metals

Ericmoore Jossou1,Ana Suzana1,Longlong Wu1,Tadesse Assefa2,Andrea Jokisaari3,Ross Harder4,Wonsuk Cha4,Ian Robinson1,Cheng Sun3,Jian Gan3,Lynne Ecker1,Simerjeet Gill1

Brookhaven National Laboratory1,SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory2,Idaho National Laboratory3,Argonne National Laboratory4

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4:15 PM - SF01.04.07
Effect of Defects on the Thermal Conductivity of Ceramic Breeder Blanket Materials

Megha Sanjeev1,Mark Gilbert2,Samuel Murphy1

Lancaster University1,CCFE - Culham Centre for Fusion Energy2

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Symposium Organizers

SF01.05: Disorder and Microstructures
Session Chairs
David Andersson
Gianguido Baldinozzi
Wednesday AM, May 11, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

8:30 AM - *SF01.05.01
Complex Oxides in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle—From Advanced Fuel Candidates to Nuclear Waste Forms

Sarah Finkeldei1

University of California, Irvine1

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9:00 AM - SF01.05.02
Cluster Dynamics Simulations of Point Defects and Fission Gas Evolution in Irradiated UO2-Based Nuclear Fuels

David Andersson1,Christopher Matthews1,Romain Perriot1,Michael Cooper1,Benjamin Liu1,Christopher Stanek1

Los Alamos National Laboratory1

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9:15 AM - SF01.05.03
Anion Excess Bixbyite Gd2Ce2O7: Effect of Radiation on Anion Sublattice

Jeffery Aguiar2,3,Maulik Patel1,Gianguido Baldinozzi4,Kurt Sickafus5,6

University of Liverpool1,The University of Utah2,Lockheed Martin3,Université Paris-Saclay4,Los Alamos National Laboratory5,The University of Tennessee, Knoxville6

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9:30 AM - *SF01.05.04
Characterization of Radiation Effects in Ceramics with Spallation Neutron Probes

Maik Lang1

University of Tennesee1

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10:00 AM - SF01.05

10:30 AM - *SF01.05.05
FUTURE—Fundamental Understanding of Transport Under Reactor Extremes

Blas Uberuaga1

Los Alamos National Laboratory1

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11:00 AM - SF01.05.06
A Modified Two-Temperature Molecular Dynamics for Simulating Radiation Damage Cascades

Samuel Murphy1,Ryan Hunt1,Jean-Paul Crocombette2

Lancaster University1,CEA, DEN2

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11:15 AM - SF01.05.07
Atomistic-Scale Simulations Used to Simulate Creep in Oxide Fuel

Conor Galvin1,Laurent Capolungo1,David Andersson1,Michael Cooper1

Los Alamos National Laboratory1

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11:30 AM - *SF01.05.08
Gaining a Mechanistic Understanding of Nuclear Fuel Material Performance by Combining Modelling and Experiment

Simon Middleburgh1,Michael Rushton1,Fabio Martini1,Megan Owen1,Mustafa Bolukbasi1,Sarah Vallely1,Antoine Claisse2,1,Aidan Cole-Baker3,1,Phylis Makurunje1,David Goddard4,1,Nicholas Barron4,William Lee1

Bangor University1,Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB2,Jacobs3,NNL4

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SF01.06: Cladding Interactions and Oxidation
Session Chairs
Gianguido Baldinozzi
Christine Gueneau
Wednesday PM, May 11, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

1:30 PM - SF01.06.01
A Study for the Development of Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding

Sung Eun Kim1,Dae Ho Kim1,Hyun-Gil Kim1

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute1

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1:45 PM - SF01.06.02
Surface and Grain Boundary Interdiffusion During the Sintering of Mixed Oxides Fuels—A Finite Volume Method Simulation

Jacques Léchelle1,Nadia Dempowo1,2,Julien Bruchon2,François Valdivieso2

Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives, France1,Mines Saint-Etienne, Univ Lyon,UMR 5307 LGF, Centre SMS CNRS2

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2:00 PM - SF01.06.03
Hydrothermal Corrosion of PVD and Cold Spray Cr-Coatings on Zircaloy-4 in Different LWR Coolant Environment

Rajnikant Umretiya1,Michael Worku1,Wanming Zhang1,Timothy Jurewicz1,Andrew Hoffman1,Raul Rebak1,Jessika Rojas2

GE Research1,Virginia Commonwealth University2

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2:15 PM - SF01.06.04
Understanding Impacts of Chemistry on Oxidation of FeCrAl Alloys in Multiple Environments

Andrew Hoffman1,Rajnikant Umretiya1,Vipul Gupta1,Subhrajit Roychowdhury1,Bojun Feng1,Michael Larsen1,Liang Yin1,Raul Rebak1

GE Research1

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2:30 PM - SF01.06

SF01.07: Fuels III
Session Chairs
Gianguido Baldinozzi
Blas Uberuaga
Wednesday PM, May 11, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

3:30 PM - SF01.07.01
Atomistic Modeling of Point Defects in Mixed Oxide Fuels—Effect of the U-Pu Distribution

Marjorie Bertolus1,Didier Bathellier1,Luca Messina1,Michel Freyss1,Serenah Rajaonson1,Maciej Karcz1,Emeric Bourasseau1


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3:45 PM - SF01.07.02
Neutron Scattering Experiments and Electronic Structure Calculations on U3O7 and U3O8

Gianguido Baldinozzi2,Gregory Leinders1,Henry Fischer3,Rolando Saniz4,Ine Arts4,Dirk Lamoen4,Clemens Ritter3,Marc Verwerft1

SCK CEN1,Université Paris-Saclay2,Institut Laue-Langevin3,University of Antwerp4

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4:00 PM - SF01.07.04
Prompt Elimination of Alpha-Decay-Induced Damage in Fuel-Like Actinides Dioxides

Yehuda Eyal1

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology1

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SF01.08: Poster Session: Materials Research Needs to Advance Nuclear Fuels, Structural Materials and Wasteforms
Session Chairs
Gianguido Baldinozzi
Maria Okuniewski
Wednesday PM, May 11, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 1, Kamehameha Exhibit Hall 2 & 3

5:00 PM - SF01.08.01
In Situ Cathodoluminescence in Gadolinia Doped Ceria Under High Energy Electron Irradiation

Pooreun Seo1,Jean-Marc Costantini2,Syo Matsumura1,Kazuhiro Yasuda1

Kyushu University1,University of Paris-Saclay2

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.02
Tailoring High Entropy Alloy (HEA) Thermal Expansion for Advanced Technology Fuel (ATF) Coatings

Jack Wilson1,Michael Rushton1,David Goddard2,William Lee1,Simon Middleburgh1

Bangor University1,National Nuclear Laboratory2

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.03
Unraveling the Early-Stage Ordering of Krypton Solid Bubbles in Molybdenum—A Multimodal Study

Ericmoore Jossou1,Anton Schneider2,Cheng Sun3,Yongfeng Zhang2,Shirish Chodankar1,Dmytro Nykypanchuk1,Jian Gan3,Lynne Ecker1,Simerjeet Gill1

Brookhaven National Laboratory1,University of Wisconsin–Madison2,Idaho National Laboratory3

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.04
Quantifying Radiation Damage Through Stored Energy Released During Defect Annealing in Metals

Charles Hirst1,Fredric Granberg2,Boopathy Kombaiah3,Penghui Cao4,Scott Middlemas3,R. Scott Kemp1,Ju Li1,Kai Nordlund2,Michael Short1

Massachusetts Institute of Technology1,University of Helsinki2,Idaho National Laboratory3,University of California, Irvine4

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.05
Metastability of Lanthanide Sesquioxide (Ln2O3) Polymorphs

Vancho Kocevski1,Ghanshyam Pilania1,Blas Uberuaga1

Los Alamos National Laboratory1

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.06
Structural Relations in the Nd2O3-CeO2 Pseudo Binary System

Henry Charlton1,Gianguido Baldinozzi2,Karl Whittle1,Christine Bogicevic2,Fabienne Karolak2,Maulik Patel1

University of Liverpool1,University of Paris Saclay2

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.07
Rationalization of the Influence of the Chemical Bonds on the Radiation Tolerance of Compounds Related to the M7O12 Oxygen-Deficient Fluorite System

Gianguido Baldinozzi5,Luis Casillas1,Maulik Patel2,Manabu Ishimaru3,Kurt Sickafus4

Linköping University1,University of Liverpool2,Kyushu Institute of Technology3,Los Alamos National Laboratory4,University of Paris Saclay5

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.08
New Insights into UK Base Glass Structure from X Ray and Neutron Scattering Data Combined with NMR

Natasha Brown1,Aine Black2,Alex Hannon3,Frederic Blanc2,Gavin Mountjoy4,Laura Leay2,Maulik Patel2,Mike Harrison5,Paul Bingham6

University of Manchester1,University of Liverpool2,Rutherford Appleton Laboratory3,University of Kent4,National Nuclear Laboratory5,Sheffield Hallam University6

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.09
Experimental Characterization of the Chemical Behaviour of Cs, I and Te in UO2

Chantal Riglet-Martial1,Morgane Rochedy1,Jacques Léchelle1,Vincent Klosek1,Claire Onofri-Marroncle1,Doris Drouan1,Philippe Bienvenu1,Ingrid Roure1,Martiane Cabié2,Lucia Amidani3,Marie-Amandine Pinault-Thaury4

CEA.DES.IRESNE.DEC, Cadarache1,Université Aix-Marseille, CP2M2,ESRF - The European Synchrotron3,Université Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines, GEMaC4

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.10
Stabilization of Superionic Delta Bi2O3 Phase at Room Temperature by Thermal Nanocrystallization of Bismuth Oxide Glasses

Tomasz Pietrzak1,Maciej Nowagiel1,Agata Jarocka1,Tomasz Plocinski1,Julien Trebosc2,Olivier Lafon2,Marek Wasiucionek1,Jerzy Garbarczyk1

Warsaw Univ. of Technology1,Univ. Lille2

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.11
Elucidating Radiation Damage in Concrete via Multi-Modal Imaging

Nishant Garg1

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.12
A Study on Behavior of Te/TeN Thin Flim as the Corrosion Protect Layer in Chlorine Based-Salt Nuclear Reactor

Jisu Na1,Unho Lee1,Young Ah Park1,Jong Woo Kim1,Jeong Hye Jo1,Ji Hyeok Choi1,Hyeongwoo Min1,Haeun Kang1,Young Soo Yoon1

Gachon University1

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.13
An Alternative Method for Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding Using Room Temperature Based Drawing Process

Jong Woo Kim1,Hyeongwoo Min1,Young Ah Park1,Jisu Na1,Yong Hee Kim2,Young Soo Yoon1

Gachon University1,Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology2

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5:00 PM - SF01.08.14
A Study on Synthesis of Li4+xSiO4 with Single Phase as an Alternative Tritium Breeder for Applying Nuclear Fusion Energy

Park Young ah1,Jong Woo Kim1,So Hyun Park1,Yi Hyun Park2,Young Soo Yoon1

Gachon University1,Korea institute of fusion energy2

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Symposium Organizers

SF01.09: Mechanical Properties
Session Chairs
Maria Okuniewski
Blas Uberuaga
Thursday AM, May 12, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

8:45 AM - *SF01.09.01
Dislocation Changes Under Irradiation—A Separate-Effect Study

Claire Onofri-Marroncle1,Catherine Sabathier1,Doris Drouan1,Gaëlle Gutierrez2,Marion Bricout2,Marc Legros3


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9:15 AM - SF01.09.02
4D-STEM Strain Mapping of Nanometre-Scaled Defect Clusters

Eric Prestat1,Joven Lim1,Daniel Mason1,Andrea Sand2,3,Aslak Fellman3,Patrik Ikaheimonen2,3,Quentin Ramasse4,5,Grace Burke6

UK Atomic Energy Authority1,Aalto University2,University of Helsinki3,SuperSTEM Laboratory4,University of Leeds5,Oak Ridge National Laboratory6

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9:30 AM - SF01.09.03
In Situ Micro Cantilever Beam Bending Tests to Explore the Adherence Strength of Cr Coatings on Zry - 4

Nan Li1,Hyosim Kim1,Dongyue Xie1,Tim Graening2,Andrew Nelson2,Tyler Dabney3,Kumar Sridharan3,Stuart Maloy1

Los Alamos National Laboratory1,Oak Ridge National Laboratory2,University of Wisconsin–Madison3

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9:45 AM - SF01.09.04
Computational Search BCC Refractory Alloys with Enhanced Strength, Ductility and Corrosion Resistance

Aditya Sundar1,Yong-Jie Hu2,Liang Qi1

University of Michigan1,Drexel University2

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10:00 AM - SF01.09

10:30 AM - *SF01.09.05
Dislocation Loops in Ceramic Nuclear Fuels

Lingfeng He1,Kaustubh Bawane1,Pengyuan Xiu1,Tiankai Yao1,Marat Khafizov2,Miaomiao Jin3,Jian Gan1

Idaho National Laboratory1,The Ohio State University2,The Pennsylvania State University3

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11:00 AM - SF01.09.06
Modulation of the Electron-Phonon Coupling in 3C-SiC by Lattice Defects and its Ramifications on the Thermal Spike

Joseph Graham1,Salah Alsmairat1

Missouri University of Science and Technology1

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11:15 AM - SF01.09.07
Surface Condition Effects on Fatigue Behavior of Additive Manufactured 304L/316L Steel

Daniel Morrall1,William Adams1,Dale Hitchcock1,Prabhu Ganesan1,Hector Colon-Mercado1,Timothy Krentz1


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SF01.10: Defects and Models
Session Chairs
Michael Cooper
Maria Okuniewski
Thursday PM, May 12, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

1:30 PM - SF01.10.01
Coupled Experimental-Modelling Development of High Performance Composite UN-UO2 Fuels

Par Olsson1,Diogo Ribeiro Costa1,2,Huan Liu1,Denise Adorno Lopes2,1,Faris Sweidan1,Antoine Claisse2,Luca Messina3

KTH Royal Inst of Technology1,Westinghouse Electric Sweden2,CEA Cadarache3

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1:45 PM - SF01.10.02
Diffusion Between Zr–(Cr, Nb, Ta, Mo) and Cr–(Nb, Mo, Ta) Binary Systems for Accurate Lifetime Prediction of ATF

Ji-Cheng Zhao1,Ella Pek1

University of Maryland1

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2:00 PM - SF01.10.04
Hypervelocity Impacts on Plasma Facing Materials through Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Simon Middleburgh1,Alberto Fraile1,2,Prashant Dwivedi2,Giovanni Bonny3,Tomas Polcar2

Bangor University1,Czech Technical University in Prague2,Nuclear Materials Science Institute, SCK CEN3

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2:15 PM - SF01.11.06
Interactions of Selected Fission Products with Uranium Diboride

Fabio Martini1,Mustafa Bolukbasi1,Phylis Makurunje1,Antoine Claisse1,2,Mattias Puide1,2,William Lee1,3,Simon Middleburgh1

Bangor University1,Westinghouse AB2,Imperial College London3

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2:30 PM - SF01.10

SF01.11: Chemical Interactions
Session Chairs
Gianguido Baldinozzi
Maria Okuniewski
Thursday PM, May 12, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 327

3:00 PM - SF01.11.01
Phosphate Glass Waste Forms to Immobilize Salt Waste Stream for Advanced Reactor Applications

Ming Tang1

Clemson University1

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3:15 PM - SF01.11.02
Nanomaterial Extraction of Radioactive Metals from Wastewater

Miryana Hémadi1,Yawen Xiao1,Ahmed Helal2,Steeve Reisberg1,Laurent Royon1,Souad Ammar1,John Lomas1

Université de Paris1,Massachusetts Institute of Technology2

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3:30 PM - SF01.11.03
Defect Chemistry and Tritium Accommodation in Li8PbO6 from Density Functional Theory

Andrew Davies1,Samuel Murphy1

Lancaster University1

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3:45 PM - SF01.11.04
Modelling the Oxidation of W and W-Alloys in Fusion Reactor First Walls

Ryan Kerr1,Samuel Murphy1,Mark Gilbert2

Lancaster University1,UK Atomic Energy Authority2

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4:00 PM - SF01.11.05
Impact of Lithium Accommodation on Defect Chemistry in ZrO2

Gareth Stephens1,Yan Ren Than2,William Neilson3,Lee Evitts1,Mark Wenman2,Samuel Murphy3,Robin Grimes2,Aidan Cole-Baker4,Susan Ortner5,Natasha Gotham5,Michael Rushton1,William Lee1,2,Simon Middleburgh1

Bangor University1,Imperial College London2,Lancaster University3,Jacobs4,National Nuclear Laboratory5

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Symposium Organizers

SF01.12: Advanced Reactors and Modeling of Radiation Damage I
Session Chairs
Unho Lee
Di Yun
Tuesday PM, May 24, 2022

9:00 PM - *SF01.12.02
A Novel Metallic Fuel Conceptual Design for Ultra-High Burn-Up Liquid Metal Cooled Fast Reactors

Di Yun1,Chunyang Wen1,Linna Feng1

Xi'an Jiaotong University1

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9:30 PM - SF01.12.03
Applicability to FeCrAl in Viewpoint of Corrosion Barrier Behavior and Neutron Absorber in Structural Materials for 4th Generation Nuclear Reactor

Unho Lee1,Young Soo Yoon1,Young Ah Park1,Haeun Kang1,Jong Woo Kim1,Jisu Na1,Jeong Hye Jo1

Gachon University1

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SF01.13: Advanced Reactors and Modeling of Radiation Damage II
Session Chairs
Chaitanya Deo
Thierry Wiss
Wednesday AM, May 25, 2022

8:00 AM - *SF01.13.01
Computational Study of Radiation-Induced Segregation Mechanisms In Metallic Alloys

Chaitanya Deo1,Daniel Vizoso1,Remi Dingreville1

Georgia Institute of Technology1

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8:30 AM - SF01.13.02
Atomistic Study of Radiation Damage in Ni/Inconel Multimetallic Layered Composite for Molten-Salt Reactor

Shiddartha Paul1,Daniel Schwen2,Michael Short3,Kasra Momeni1

The University of Alabama1,Idaho National Laboratory2,Massachusetts Institute of Technology3

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8:45 AM - SF01.13.03
Advanced Modeling of Tritium Embrittlement in Stainless Steels

Eric Hoar1,Dale Hitchcock1,Timothy Krentz1,Lindsay Roy1

Savannah River National Laboratory1

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9:00 AM - SF01.13.04
Radiation Effects on Nuclear Waste Forms—How Does the Crystallinity of a Glass-Ceramic Affect Radiation Tolerance?

Tamás Zagyva1,Brian O'Driscoll2,Robert Harrison3,Tracey Taylor4,Mike Harrison4,Laura Leay1

Dalton Cumbrian Facility, The University of Manchester1,The University of Manchester2,The University of Manchester, Dalton Nuclear Institute3,National Nuclear Laboratory4

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9:15 AM - SF01.13.05
Near- and Off-Equilibrium Phase Transformations in U-(10 and 30)wt.%Zr Samples Measured Using Neutron Diffraction with In Situ Heating

Walter Williams1,2,Sven Vogel3,Maria Okuniewski2

Idaho National Laboratory1,Purdue University2,Los Alamos National Laboratory3

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