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2013 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 1-5, 2013 | San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Mark L. Brongersma, Vladimir Matias, Rachel Segalman, Lonnie D. Shea, Heiji Watanabe

Symposium AA : Advanced Interconnects for Micro- and Nanoelectronics--- Materials, Processes, and Reliability

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Symposium Organizers

Mikhail R. Baklanov, IMEC
Boyan Boyanov, INTEL Corporation
Vincent Jousseaume, CEA-LETI
Eiichi Kondoh, University of Yamanashi
Shinichi Ogawa, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Symposium Support

Air Liquide Laboratories
Air Products
Novellus Systems Inc.
SBA Materials, Inc.
Tokyo Electron America, Inc.
AA2: New Materials for Interconnects
Session Chairs
Mikhail R. Baklanov
Jeff Bielefeld
Tuesday PM, April 02, 2013
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3006

2:30 AM - *AA2.01
Horizontal Carbon Nanotube Interconnects for Advanced Integrated Circuits

Jean Dijon 1

1CEA LITEN DTNM Grenoble France

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3:00 AM - AA2.02
Growth of Ultra-dense Carbon Nanotube Forests for Interconnect Applications

Santiago Esconjauregui 1 Guofang Zhong 1 Can Zhang 1 John Robertson 1

1Cambridge University Cambridge United Kingdom

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3:30 AM - *AA2.04
Single Molecular Interconnects by Controlling Chain Polymerization

Yuji Okawa 1 Swapan K Mandal 1 Marina Makarova 1 Masakazu Aono 1

1National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) Tsukuba, Ibaraki Japan

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4:00 AM - AA2

4:30 AM - *AA2.05
Silicon Photonics Transceivers with InP on Si Lasers

Jean-Marc Fedeli 1 J. M. Hartmann 1 L. Vivien 2 D. Marris-Morini 2 G. Rasigade 2 M. Ziebell 2 G. H. Duan 3 C. Jany 3 A. Le Liepvre 2 F. Lelarge 3

1CEA, LETI, Minatec Campus Grenoble France2Univ. Paris-Sud Orsay France3Thales Research and CEA Palaiseau France

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5:00 AM - AA2.06
SiC Multilayer Add/Drop Filter for Optical Interconnects

Manuela Vieira 1 2 3 Manuel Augusto Vieira 1 3 Paula Louro 1 3 Vitor Silva 1 3 Alessandro Fantoni 1 3

1ISEL Lisbon Portugal2FCT-UNL Lisbon Portugal3UNINOVA Lisbon Portugal

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5:15 AM - AA2.07
Carbon Nanotubes as Optical Interconnects for Integration of Heterogeneous Assemblies

Dunlin Tan 1 2 3 Chin Chong Yap 2 1 Beng Kang Tay 2 Dominique Baillargeat 1 David Hee 3 Philippe Bois 4

1CINTRA CNRS/NTU/THALES, UMI 3288 Singapore Singapore2Nanyang Technological Univ Singapore Singapore3Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Singapore4Thales Research amp; Technology/III-V Lab Paris France

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5:30 AM - AA2.08
One-step Fabrication of All-polymer Waveguides with Smooth Sidewalls by NanoChannel-guided Lithography (NCL) for Reduced Propagation Loss

Jong G. Ok 1 Kyu-Tae Lee 2 Cheng Zhang 2 Hyoung Won Baac 2 Tao Ling 2 Young Jae Shin 3 L. Jay Guo 1 2 3

1University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA2University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA3University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA

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5:45 AM - AA2.09
Metallic Nanoparticle Dispersions for Interconnect on Flexible Substrate by Ink-jet Printing

In-Gann Chen 1 Teng-Yuan Dong 2 Lien-Chung Hsu 1 Changshu Kuo 1 Jenn-Ming Song 3

1National Cheng Kung University Tainan Taiwan2National Sun Yat-sen University Kaohsiung Taiwan3National Chung Hsing University Taichung Taiwan

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AA1/T1 Joint Session: New Materials for Interconnects and Nanocontacts
Session Chairs
Francois Leonard
Ahmet Ozcan
Tuesday AM, April 02, 2013
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3006

9:30 AM - *AA1.01/T1.01
Nanoscale Contacts to Carbon Nanomaterials

Aaron D Franklin 1

1IBM Yorktown Heights USA

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10:00 AM - AA1.02/T1.02
Low-contact-resistance Contacts to Graphene via Metal-mediated Etching

Wei Sun Leong 1 John Thiam Leong Thong 1

1National University of Singapore Singapore Singapore

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10:15 AM - AA1.03/T1.03
Arrhenius Activation Mechanism for Charge Injection in Individual Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes

Delphine Bouilly 1 Hubert Trepanier 1 Richard Martel 2

1Universitamp;#233; de Montramp;#233;al Montramp;#233;al Canada2Universitamp;#233; de Montramp;#233;al Montramp;#233;al Canada

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10:30 AM - AA1.04/T1.04
Fabrication of Contacts to Carbon Nanotubes Using Direct-write Atomic Layer Deposition

Adriaan J.M. Mackus 1 Nick F.W. Thissen 1 Zhihong Chen 2 3 Johannes J.L. Mulders 4 Ageeth A. Bol 1 Wilhelmus M.M. Kessels 1

1Eindhoven University of Technology Eindhoven Netherlands2Purdue University West Lafayette USA3Purdue University West Lafayette USA4FEI Electron Optics Eindhoven Netherlands

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10:45 AM - AA1.05/T1.05
Analysis of Interfaces between CNT and Metal Underlayers in Via Interconnects

Patrick Wilhite 1 Anshul Vyas 1 Jason Tan 1 Phillip Wang 2 Jeongwon Park 2 Hua Ai 2 Murali Narasimhan 2 Cary Yang 1

1Santa Clara University Santa Clara USA2Applied Materials Santa Clara USA

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11:00 AM - AA1/T1 Joint Session

11:30 AM - *AA1.06/T1.06
Metal-semiconductor and Electrolyte-semiconductor Nanocontacts in Energy Conversion and Storage

Alec Talin 1 2

1Sandia National Labs Livermore USA2NIST Gaithersburg USA

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12:00 PM - AA1.07/T1.07
Atomic Structure and Electronic Transport Properties of Realistic Metal-graphene Contacts

Cheng Gong 1 Stephen McDonnell 1 Angelica Azcatl 1 Weichao Wang 1 Geunsik Lee 1 David Hinojos 1 Bin Shan 1 2 Yves J. Chabal 1 Robert M. Wallace 1 Kyeongjae Cho 1

1The University of Texas at Dallas Richardson USA2Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuhan China

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12:15 PM - AA1.08/T1.08
Modeling Contact Resistance to Carbon Nanotubes

Michael C Shaughnessy 1 Reese Jones 1 Catalin Spataru 1 Francois Leonard 1 Alexandra Ford 1

1Sandia National Laboratory Livermore USA

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12:30 PM - AA1.09/T1.09
First-principles Study of Carbon Nanotube/Metal Contact Resistance: Anomalous Length Scaling and Intrinsically Low Resistance Mediated by Topological Defects

Yong-Hoon Kim 1

1KAIST Daejeon Republic of Korea

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12:45 PM - AA1.10/T1.10
Graphene/p-type Silicon Metal-semiconductor-metal Photodetectors

Yanbin An 1 Ashkan Behnam 2 Eric Pop 2 Ant Ural 1

1University of Florida Gainesville USA2University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana USA

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2013-04-03   Show All Abstracts

Symposium Organizers

Mikhail R. Baklanov, IMEC
Boyan Boyanov, INTEL Corporation
Vincent Jousseaume, CEA-LETI
Eiichi Kondoh, University of Yamanashi
Shinichi Ogawa, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Symposium Support

Air Liquide Laboratories
Air Products
Novellus Systems Inc.
SBA Materials, Inc.
Tokyo Electron America, Inc.
AA4: Metalization
Session Chairs
Eiichi Kondoh
Takayuki Ohba
Wednesday PM, April 03, 2013
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3006

2:30 AM - *AA4.01
Post-etch Treatment Enabled Electroless Copper Metallization of Porous Dielectric

Yezdi Dordi 1

1Lam Research Corp Fremont USA

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3:00 AM - AA4.02
Interconnections between Cu Deposit Crystalline Structure and Creep Corrosion in Electronic Devices

Atieh Haghdoost 1

1Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg USA

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3:15 AM - AA4.03
Crystal Orientation Mapping of Nanometric Cu Films: Impact of Surface and Grain Boundary Scattering on Electrical Resistivity

Katayun Barmak 1 2 Xuan Liu 2 Amith Darbal 2 Kameswaran J. Ganesh 3 Gregory S. Rohrer 2 Dooho Choi 2 Paulo Ferreira 3 Bo Yao 4 Andrew P. Warren 4 Tik Sun 4 Michael F. Toney 5 Kevin R. Coffey 4

1Columbia University New York USA2Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh USA3University of Texas at Austin Austin USA4University of Central Florida Orlando USA5Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source Menlo Park USA

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3:30 AM - AA4.04
Interface Reaction and Ohmic Contact Property of Cu-Si Alloy on n-GaAs(100)

Byeong Taek Bae 1 Daisuke Ando 1 Yuji Sutou 1 Junichi Koike 1

1Tohoku Univ. Sendai Japan

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3:45 AM - AA4

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3:45 AM - AA4

4:30 AM - *AA4.06
Synthesis of Mono- and Bimetallic Nanoparticles in Ionic Liquids and Possible Application for the Fabrication of Advanced Interconnects

Philippe Arquilliere 1 2 Inga Steinunn Helgadottir 1 2 Paul-Henri Haumesser 1 Catherine C. Santini 2

1CEA LETI MINATEC Grenoble France2Universitamp;#233; de Lyon 1 Villeurbanne France

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5:00 AM - AA4.07
Extreme Bottom-up Filling of through Silicon Vias: Mechanism, Model and Experiment

Daniel Josell 1 Thomas Moffat 1 Daniel Wheeler 1

1NIST Gaithersburg USA

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5:15 AM - AA4.08
Comparative Studies of Cu and CNT as On-chip Via Interconnect Materials

Anshul Ashok Vyas 1 Changjian Zhou 2 Patrick Wilhite 1 Jessica Koehne 3 Philip Wang 4 Tianling Ren 2 Cary Yang 1

1Santa Clara University Santa Clara USA2Tsinghua University Beijing China3NASA Ames Research Center Mountain View USA4Applied Materials Santa Clara USA

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5:30 AM - AA4.09
GaN on Si by Wafer Bonding for High Power Devices

Jihyung Lee 1 JinSeock Ma 2 Hisashi Shichijo 2 Bruce Gnade 1 Moon J Kim 1

1University of Texas at Dallas Richardson USA2University of Texas at Dallas Richardson USA

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5:45 AM - AA4.10
AG and DWCNTS Inks Based RF Resonator on Paper

Sebastien Pacchini 1 3 Christophe Brun 1 Emmanuel Flahaut 2 Dominique Baillargeat 1 3 Beng Kang Tay 1 3

1CINTRA, UMI CNRS/NTU/THALES 3288 Singapore Singapore2UMR CNRS 5085, Universitamp;#233; Paul Sabatier Toulouse France3Nanyang Technological University Singapore Singapore

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AA5: Poster Session
Session Chairs
Vincent Jousseaume
Shinichi Ogawa
Wednesday PM, April 03, 2013
Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena Level, Salons 7-8-9

9:00 AM - AA5.01
Influence of Microstructure Change on Electromigration Resistance of Thin Film Au and Cu Interconnects

Huan Ma 1 Matteo Seita 1 Tsung-Cheng Chan 1 2 Fabio Lamattina 3 Ivan Shorubalko 3 Ralph Spolenak 1

1ETH Zurich Zurich Switzerland2National Tsing Hua University Hsinchu Taiwan3EMPA Damp;#252;bendorfversity Zurich Swaziland

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9:00 AM - AA5.02
Mechanical Characterization of Electrostatically and Piezoelectrically Actuated Micro-switches, Including Geometric and Piezoelectric Nonlinearities

Hamed Raeisifard 1 Mansor Nikkhah Bahrami 2 Aghil Yosefi Koma 3

1Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran2Tehran University Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran3Tehran University Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran

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9:00 AM - AA5.03
Effect of Silica Particles on the Electrical Properties of Nano-silver/Epoxy Adhesives

Soonho Lim 1 Seungwoong Nam 2 Heesuk Kim 1 Daeheum Kim 2

1Korea Institute of Science amp; Technology Seoul Republic of Korea2Kwang Woon University Seoul Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - AA5.04
Superconformal Filling of Submicrometer Damascene Features with Copper, Silver, Gold, Nickel, Cobalt, Nickel-Ironhellip;and the List Goes On?

Daniel Josell 1 Thomas Moffat 1 Daniel Wheeler 1

1NIST Gaithersburg USA

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9:00 AM - AA5.05
Low-melting Nano-size Au-Sn Alloy Powder as a Potential Candidate in High Temperature Electronics Joints

Seyedeh Salomeh Tabatabaei 1 Hamid Khorsand 2 Hossein Siadati 2 Armen Adamian 1 Haleh Ardebili 3

1Azad University of Tehran Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran2K.N.Toosi University of Technology Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran3University of Houston Houston USA

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9:00 AM - AA5.06
High Performance Stretchable UV Sensor Array of SnO2 Nanowires

Daeil Kim 1 Gunchul Shin 1 Jangyeol Yoon 1 Dongseok Jang 1 Seung-Jung Lee 2 Goangseup Zi 2 Jeong Sook Ha 1

1Korea University Seoul Republic of Korea2Korea University Seoul Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - AA5.07
Analysis of Cu-line EM Failure Kinetics Using Mass Transport TCAD Simulations

Mankoo Lee 1 Xuena Zhang 1 Dipankar Pramanik 1

1Intermolecular, Inc San Jose USA

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9:00 AM - AA5.08
Electrophoretic Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes for Interconnections in Microelectronics

Chiew Keat Lim 1 Yadong Wang 1 Shixin Wu 1

1Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore Singapore

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9:00 AM - AA5.09
The Feasibility of Cu/CuNx Bilayer as Metal Electrodes for Thin Film Transistor

Heejung Yang 1 Gyuwon Han 1 Jaemin Lee 1 Duseok Oh 1 Seunghoon Han 1 Dongsun Kim 1 Hyungtae Kim 1 Wonjoon Ho 1 Sooyoule Cha 1 Chiyoung Lee 1

1LG Display Paju-si Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - AA5.10
Back-end-of-line Compatible Silicon Nanowires for the Realization of 3D Capacitors Integrated in Interconnections

Cecile Girardot 1 Arthur Roussey 1 Paul Henry Morel 1 Murielle Fayolle 1 Thomas Ernst 1 Vincent Jousseaume 1

1CEA, LETI Grenoble France

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9:00 AM - AA5.11
Electromigration Improvement of Copper Interconnects by Cu Alloy in TFT Manufacturing

Dong Sun Kim 1 2 Seungwon Jung 1 Cheonbae Lim 1 Duseok Oh 1 Heejung Yang 1 Hyungtae Kim 1 Wonjoon Ho 1 SooYoule Cha 1 Kwang S. Suh 2 Chiyoung Lee 1

1LG Display Paju-city Republic of Korea2Korea University Seoul Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - AA5.12
Wholly Stretchable SWCNT CMOS Inverter Arrays

Jangyeol Yoon 1 Gunchul Shin 1 Joonsung Kim 1 Jeong Sook Ha 1

1Korea University Seoul Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - AA5.13
Formation of the Cu/Ultra-low-k Metallization by Using the Local Deposition of Copper and without the Selective Etching of Intralevel Ultra-low-k Isolation

Pavel Kuznetcov 1 Vladimir Gvozdev 1 Adil Valeev 1 Gennadiy Krasnikov 1

1JSC MERI Moscow Russian Federation

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9:00 AM - AA5.14
Area Selective Molecular Layer Deposition of Polyurea Films

Chaiya Prasittichai 1 Han Zhou 1 Stacey F. Bent 1

1Stanford University Stanford USA

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9:00 AM - AA5.15
A Comprehensive Study of Silicide-last Process

Shujuan Mao 1 Lichuan Zhao 1 Jun Luo 1 Jiang Yan 1

1IMECAS Beijing China

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9:00 AM - AA5.16
Eco-friendly Fabrication of MIM (Metal-Insulator-Metal) Capacitor Deposited via NPDS (Nano Particle Deposition System)

Seungkyu Yang 1 Jinwoong Lee 1 Jung-Oh Choi 2 Sung-Hoon Ahn 2 Caroline Sunyong Lee 1

1Hanyang University Ansan Republic of Korea2Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - AA5.17
Low Temperature MOCVD TiN: Application to High Aspect Ratio Trough Silicon via (TSV)

Thierry Mourier 1 Stephane Minoret 1 Sabrina Fadloun 2 Lharissa Djomeni 1 Steve Burgess 3 Andy Price 3 Chris Jones 3 Anne Roule 1 Laurent Vandroux 1 Sylvain Maitrejean 1

1CEA, Leti, Minatec Grenoble France2SPTS Technologies SAS Montbonnot France3SPTS Technologies SAS Newport United Kingdom

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9:00 AM - AA5.18
When BiCMOS Reliability Matters - Overview and New Perspective

Murugesan Udhayasankar 1 Rick Wong 2 Srinivas Akkaraju 2

1Cisco Optical GmbH Nuremberg Germany2Cisco Systems Inc. San Jose USA

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9:00 AM - AA5.19
Characterization of Patterned Tungsten (W) Thin Films Deposited by Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition (LCVD) at Atmospheric Pressure

Kyunghoon Jeong 1 Injae Byun 2 Dong-Gil Kim 2 Do-Soon Jung 2 Jaegab Lee 1

1Kookmin University Seoul Republic of Korea2Charm Engineering Co. Osan Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - AA5.21
PEALD Pore-sealing Process for Restored Porous SiOCH Films with k = 2.0

Dai Ishikawa 1 Akiko Kobayashi 1 Yosuke Kimura 1 Akinori Nakano 1 Kiyohiro Matsushita 1 Nobuyoshi Kobayashi 1

1ASM K.K. Tama-shi Japan

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9:00 AM - AA5.22
Investigation of Sealing Efficiency of Self-assembled Monolayers Deposited on Porous k=2.0 Dielectrics as a Function of Dielectric Surface Preparation by Plasma

Yiting Sun 1 2 Silvia Armini 1 Mikhail Baklanov 1 Steven De Feyter 1

1IMEC-BE Leuven Belgium2Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Heverlee Belgium

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9:00 AM - AA5.23
Ruthenium-compatible Chemistries for pCMP Clean Application

Jun Liu 1 Laisheng Sun 1 Jason Chang 1 Cuong Tran 1

1ATMI, Inc. Danbury USA

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AA3: Low-k Materials
Session Chairs
Vincent Jousseaume
Christian Dussarrat
Wednesday AM, April 03, 2013
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3006

9:15 AM - *AA3.01
A New Family of Spin-on Dielectric Ultralow-k Films with k

Mark LF Phillips 1 Travis PS Thoms 1 T. Andrew Ahr 1

1SBA Materials, Inc. Albuquerque USA

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9:45 AM - AA3.02
Conventional and Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance Studies of Low Dielectric Constant Thin Films

Thomas Pomorski 1 Patrick M Lenahan 1 Corey J Cochrane 1 Sean W King 2

1Pennsylvania State University University Park USA2Intel Corporation Portland USA

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10:00 AM - AA3.03
Modulation of Porosity and Morphology and Its Impact on the Material Properties of Ultra Low Dielectric Constant Organosilicate Glasses

Irene J Hsu 1 Raymond N Vrtis 1 Anupama Mallikarjunan 1 Kathleen E Theodorou 1

1Air Products Allentown USA

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10:15 AM - AA3.04
PECVD-grown a-BxC:Hy as a Next-generation Low-kappa; Material?

Bradley Joseph Nordell 1 Sudarshan Karki 1 Michelle M Paquette 1 Thuong D Nyuyen 1 Marcus Sky Driver 1 Joseph W Otto 1 David Gidley 2 Dhanadeep Dutta 2 William A Lanford 3 Sean W King 4 Han Li 4 Sudaunshu Purohit 5 Chi Zhang 5 Wenjing Li 5 Nathan Oyler 5 Anthony N Caruso 1

1University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City USA2University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA3University of Albany Albany USA4Intel Corporation Hilsboro USA5University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City USA

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10:30 AM - AA3

11:00 AM - *AA3.05
Intrinsic Effect of Porosity on the Stiffness and Fracture Energy of Nano Porous Ultra Low-K Dielectrics

Kris Vanstreels 1 Chen Wu 1 2 Patrick Verdonck 1 Dieter Schneider 3 Mario Gonzalez 1 Roberto Martini 1 2 Mikhail Baklanov 1

1imec Leuven Belgium2Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Leuven Belgium3Fraunhofer Institute for Materials and Beam Technology Dresden Germany

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11:30 AM - AA3.06
Porous SiCOH Dielectrics for Enhanced Mechanical Strength in the BEOL

Stephen M. Gates 1 A. Grill 1 E. T. Ryan 2 H. Shobha 4 S. Reiter 3 M. Stolfi 3 K. Yim 3 A. Demos 3 N. Klymko 5 S. Molis 5 A. Madan 5 K. Virwani 6 S. Cohen 1 D. Edelstein 1

1IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Yorktown Hts USA2GLOBALFOUNDRIES at Albany Nanotech Albany USA3Applied Materials Santa Clara USA4IBM at Albany Nanotech Albany USA5IBM SRDC Hopewell Junction USA6IBM Almaden Research Center San Jose USA

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11:45 AM - AA3.07
Toughening Nanoscale Interconnects Using Ceramic-like Amorphous Silicon Carbide Layers

Yusuke Matsuda 1 Sean King 2 Ill Ryu 1 Jeff Bielefeld 2 Reinhold Dauskardt 1

1Stanford University Stanford USA2Intel Corporation Hillsboro USA

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12:00 PM - AA3.08
Variability in the Measured Hardness and Elastic Modulus of Low-K Thin Films Caused by Test Parameters and Analysis Techniques

Bryan A Crawford 1 Sukesh Mahajan 2 Warren Oliver 1

1Nanomechanics, Inc. Oak Ridge USA2SBA Materials Albuquerque USA

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12:15 PM - AA3.09
Low-k Interconnect Dielectrics Based on Polyimide-polyoxometallate Complexes Treated in Supercritical CO2

Mukhamed Keshtov 1 Ernest Said-Galiev 1 Dmitri Godovsky 1

1Institute of Elementoorganic Compounds, Russian Academy of Science Moscow Russian Federation

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12:30 PM - AA3.10
Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Investigation of Defect States in Low-k Dielectrics

Sean King 1 Ebony Mays 1 Benjamin French 2

1Intel Corporation Hillsboro USA2Intel Corporation Chandler USA

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12:45 PM - AA3.11
Effects of VUV and EUV Radiation on Ultra Low-k Materials Damage

Oleg Braginsky 1 Alexander Kovalev 1 Dmitry Lopaev 1 Yury Mankelevich 1 Olga Proshina 1 Tatyana Rakhimova 1 Alexander Rakhimov 1 Anna Vasilieva 1 Sergey Zyryanov 1 Mikhail Baklanov 2

1Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University Moscow Russian Federation2IMEC Leuven Belgium

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