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Symposium ET04 : Perovskite Solar Cells---Challenges and Opportunities

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Symposium Organizers

Michael Saliba, Adolphe Merkle Institute
Antonio Abate, Helmholtz Berlin
Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laura Herz, University of Oxford

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Angstrom Engineering Inc.
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ET04.01: Interfaces I
Session Chairs
Wallace Choy
Marion Flatken
Kai Zhu
Monday PM, November 26, 2018
Hynes, Level 3, Room Ballroom C

8:00 AM - *ET04.01.01
Healing Defects of Perovskite and Improving Efficiency of Solar Cells by Over 900% Through a New Post-Device Ligand-Induced Modification

Wallace Choy1,Hong Zhang1

University of Hong Kong1

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8:30 AM - ET04.01.02
Understanding the Role of Surfaces on Halide Segregation in Mixed-Anion Perovskites

Rebecca Belisle1,Kevin Bush1,Luca Bertoluzzi1,Aryeh Gold-Parker1,Michael Toney1,Michael McGehee1

Stanford Univ1

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8:45 AM - ET04.01.03
Effectively Transparent Top Contacts for Perovskite Solar Cells

Michael Kelzenberg1,Sisir Yalamanchili1,Thomas Russell1,Sophia Coplin1,Qin Yang1,Nina Vaidya1,Pilar Espinet Gonzalez1,Shujuan Huang2,Jincheol Kim2,Jianghui Zheng2,Anita Ho-Baillie2,Rebecca Saive3,Harry Atwater1

California Institute of Technology1,University of New South Wales2,University of Twente3

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9:15 AM - ET04.01.05
Progress on Device Stability Enhancement of Perovskite Solar Cells via High Mobility P-Type Buffer Layer or Phthalocyanine Derivative with Long Carrier Lifetime

Xiaolu Zheng1,Yulong Wang2,Hongwei Lei1,Guang Yang1,Zongxiang Xu2,Guojia Fang1

Wuhan University1,South University of Science and Technology of China2

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9:30 AM - ET04.01.06
Environment-Induced Luminescence Hysteresis in Cs-FA Perovskites

John Howard1,Elizabeth Tennyson1,Sabyasachi Barik1,Rodrigo Szostak2,Edo Waks1,Michael Toney3,Ana Nogueira3,2,Bernardo Neves1,4,Marina Leite1

University of Maryland1,University of Campinas2,SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory3,Federal University of Minas Gerais4

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9:45 AM - ET04.01

10:15 AM - ET04.01.07
Charge Injection from Excited CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals into TiO2 in Perovskite and Its Role in the Degradation of Perovskite Layer in Visible Light

Prashant Kamat1,Rebecca Scheidt1,Elisabeth Kerns1

University of Notre Dame1

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10:45 AM - ET04.01.09
Transport Layers Limit the Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells—An Experimental and Theoretical Study

Vincent Le Corre1,Lorena Perdigón Toro2,Markus Feuerstein2,Martin Stolterfoht2,Dieter Neher2,Lambert Jan Anton Koster1

University of Groningen1,Universität Potsdam2

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11:00 AM - ET04.01.10
Strategically Construct Bilayer SnO2 as Electron Transport Layer in Perovskite Solar Cells

Liangyou Lin1,2,Jacob Tse-Wei Wang1,Timothy Jones1,Gregory Wilson1

CSIRO Energy1,Huazhong University of Science and Technology2

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11:15 AM - ET04.01.11
Argon Plasma Treatment to Tune Perovskite Surface Composition for High Efficiency Solar Cells and Fast Photodetectors

Xun Xiao1,Chunxiong Bao2,Yanjun Fang2,Jun Dai2,Benjamin R. Ecker3,Yuze Lin2,Shi Tang2,Ye Liu2,Yehao Deng2,1,Xiaopeng Zheng2,Yongli Gao3,Xiao Cheng Zeng2,Jinsong Huang1,2

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1,University of Nebraska–Lincoln2,University of Rochester3

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11:30 AM - ET04.01.12
From Thin-Film to Single Crystals—Probing the Intrinsic Anisotropy and Instability in Cubic Lead Perovskites

Shijing Sun1,Federico Brivio2,Fengxia Wei3,Yue Wu4,Zeyu Deng2,Gregor Kieslich5,Paul Bristowe2,Tonio Buonassisi1,Anthony Cheetham2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology1,University of Cambridge2,A*Star, Singapore3,National University of Singapore4,Technische Universität München5

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11:45 AM - ET04.01.13
Thermally Driven Evolution of Ferroelectric Domains in Perovskite Solar Cells

Alexander Colsmann1,Holger Röhm1,Tobias Leonhard1,Alexander Schulz1,Michael Hoffmann1

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology1

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ET04.02: Device Physics and Characterization
Session Chairs
Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena
Marion Flatken
Antonio Guerrero
Monday PM, November 26, 2018
Hynes, Level 3, Room Ballroom C

1:30 PM - *ET04.02.01
Light-Induced Processes in Organohalide Perovskites—Defects and Polarons

Filippo De Angelis1


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2:00 PM - *ET04.02.02
Perovskite Material and Solar Cell Research by Surface Science and Advanced Characterization

Yabing Qi1

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology1

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2:30 PM - ET04.02.03
Perovskite Solar Cells—The Role of Ions, Density of States and Device Structure

Nir Tessler1,Yana Vaynzof2

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology1,Universität Heidelberg2

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2:45 PM - ET04.02.04
Structural Origins of Light-Induced Phase Segregation in Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Photovoltaic Materials

Rachel Beal1,2,Hans Steinrueck2,Nanna Zhou Hangström3,Michael Toney2,Ana Nogueira4

Stanford University1,Stanford Sychotron Radiation Lightsource2,Stockholm University3,University of Campinas4

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3:00 PM - ET04.02

3:30 PM - *ET04.02.05
'Life' of Halide Perovskite—Evolution From the Solution and Degradation in the Environment

Yuanyuan Zhou1

Brown University1

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4:00 PM - ET04.02.06
How Does the Chemical Reactivity of Mobile Ions Trigger Reversible Performance Losses at Reverse Bias in Lead Halide Perovskite Solar Cells?

Luca Bertoluzzi1,Kevin Bush1,Rohit Prasanna1,Brian O'Regan2,Michael McGehee3

Stanford University1,Sunlight Scientific2,University of Colorado Boulder3

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4:15 PM - ET04.02.07
Deposition of Halide Perovskite Thin Films and Solar Cells Using the RIR-MAPLE Technique

Wiley Dunlap-Shohl1,E. Barraza1,Andrew Barrette2,David Dirkes3,Wei You3,Kenan Gundogdu2,Adrienne Stiff-Roberts1,David Mitzi1

Duke University1,North Carolina State University2,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill3

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4:30 PM - ET04.02.08
Trapped-Charges as the Core Origin for Degradation of Perovskite Crystals

Namyoung Ahn1,Min-cheol Kim1,Kwisung Kwak1,Mansoo Choi1

Seoul National University1

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4:45 PM - ET04.02.09
Facile Recrystallization Process for Efficient Triple-Cation Mixed-Halide Planar-Structure Perovskite Solar Cells

Jacob Tse-Wei Wang1,Liangyou Lin1,Timothy Jones1,Mihaela Grigore2,Andre Cook1,Dane deQuilettes3,Roberto Brenes3,Benjamin Duck1,Kenrick Anderson1,Noel Duffy4,Vladimir Bulović3,Jian Pu5,Jian Li5,Bo Chi5,Gregory Wilson1

CSIRO Energy, Newcastle Energy Centre1,CSIRO Energy2,Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology3,CSIRO Energy Clayton Laboratories4,Huazhong University of Science &Technology5

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ET04.03: Poster Session I
Session Chairs
Tuesday AM, November 27, 2018
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B

8:00 PM - ET04.03.01
NH4SCN-Induced Recrystallization Engineering for CH3NH3PbI3 Film and Its Application in Highly Efficient Inverted Planar Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells

Jie Xu1,Hua Dong1,Ting Lei1,Jinfei Dai1,Yifei Shi1,Xiaoyun Liu1,Zhaoxin Wu1

Key Laboratory for Physical Electronics and Devices of the Ministry of Education & Shaanxi Key Lab of Information Photonic Technique School of Electronic and Information Engineering Xi’an Jiaotong University1

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