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2013 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2013 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

December 1-6, 2013 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: Charles Black, Elisabetta Comini, Gitti Frey, Kristi Kiick, Loucas Tsakalakos

Symposium O : Solution Processing of Inorganic and Hybrid Materials for Electronics and Photonics

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Symposium Organizers

Maikel F.A.M. van Hest, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Patrick J. Smith, The University of Sheffield
Hugh W. Hillhouse, University of Washington
O2: Conductors
Session Chairs
Patrick J. Smith
Monday PM, December 02, 2013
Hynes, Level 2, Room 207

2:30 AM - *O2.01
Inkjet Printing, Printed Electronics and Organic-Inorganic Hybrids

Ulrich S. Schubert 1 2 Sebastian Wuenscher 1 2 Anke Teichler 1 2 Jolke Perelaer 1 2

1Friedrich Schiller University Jena Jena Germany2Friedrich Schiller University Jena Jena Germany

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3:00 AM - O2.02
Conductive Lines by Plasma-Mediated Reduction of Inkjet Printed Silver Nitrate

Vadim Bromberg 1 Siyuan Ma 1 Frank D Egitto 2 Timothy J Singler 1

1SUNY Binghamton Binghamton USA2Endicott Interconnect Technologies Endicott USA

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3:15 AM - O2.03
Preparation of Invisible Metal-Grid Transparent Electrodes by Electrohydrodynamic Printing and Its Application to Optoelectronic Devices

Kumar V. Sujaya 1 Jihoon Kim 1

1Kongju National University Chungnam Republic of Korea

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3:30 AM - O2.04
Ink-Jet Printed Module Interconnects

Jeremy D Fields 1 2 Matthew S. Dabney 1 David S. Ginley 1 Maikel F.A.M. van Hest 1

1National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden USA2Colorado School of Mines Golden USA

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3:45 AM - O2

4:15 AM - O2.05
Inkjet Printing of Functional Materials: Fluid Property Requirements and Printing Performance

Yang Guo 1 Anson W.K. Ma 1 2

1University of Connecticut Storrs USA2University of Connecticut Storrs USA

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4:30 AM - O2.06
Sequenced Flash Sintering of Conductive Inks - A Method to Optimise R2R Processing Conditions for Printed Electronics

Rob Hendriks 1 Eric Rubingh 1 Tim van Lammeren 1 Erica W. C. Coenen 2 Robert Abbel 1 Pim Groen 1 3

1Holst Centre - TNO Eindhoven Netherlands2TNO High Tech Systems and Materials Eindhoven Netherlands3Delft University of Technology Delft Netherlands

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4:45 AM - *O2.07
Metal Nanowires-Metal Oxide Hybrid Transparent Electrodes for Thin-Film Solar Cells

Yulim Won 1 Areum Kim 1 Jooho Moon 1

1Yonsei University Seoul Republic of Korea

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5:15 AM - *O2.08
Solution-Processed 2D and 3D Mesoscale Scaffolds for Electronics and Optoelectronics

Yi Cui 1 2

1Stanford University Stanford USA2SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Stanford USA

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5:45 AM - O2.09
Silver Nanowire Networks for Polymer Light Emitting Diode Electrodes

Sahin Coskun 1 Elif Selen Ates 1 Husnu Emrah Unalan 1

1Middle East Technical University Ankara Turkey

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O3: Poster Session: Solution Processing I
Session Chairs
Maikel F.A.M. van Hest
Monday PM, December 02, 2013
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B

9:00 AM - O3.01
Post Annealing Effect on Electrical Properties of Low Temperature Solution-Processed ZnO TFT

Jaeeun Hwang 1 Hongdoo Kim 1

1Kyung Hee University Yongin Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - O3.02
Barium Titanate Nanocube-P(VDF-TrFE) Nanocomposite Films for Flexible Applications

Saman Salemizadeh 1 4 H. Renee Sully 3 Catherine Vogel 1 Gabriel Caruntu 1 2 4

1University of New Orleans New Orleans USA2University of New Orleans New Orleans USA3San Jose State University San Jose USA4Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant USA

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9:00 AM - O3.04
Oxidation-Free Bimetallic Nanoplates for Printable Electronics

Dong Qin 1 Yin Yang 1 Qiang Zhang 1 Graham Parkinson 1

1Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta USA

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9:00 AM - O3.06
Preliminary Studies of the Formation of a Photovoltaic Using Electrochemical Atomic Layer Deposition

Brian Perdue 1 John Stickney 1

1University of Georgia Athens USA

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9:00 AM - O3.07
Substrate Dependence of Cantilever Stress Tests for Electroless and Galvanic Copper Deposits

Ralf Bruening 1 Tanu Sharma 1 Delilah A Brown 1 Allison Sibley 1 Tobias Bernhard 2 Frank Bruening 2

1Mount Allison University Sackville Canada2Atotech Deutschland GmbH Berlin Germany

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9:00 AM - O3.08
Efficient On-Chip Light Source Using High-Refractive-Index Sol-Gel Processed Er-TiO2 Micro-Ring Resonators

Pao Lin 1 Dohyun Bae 1 Neil Patel 1 Yan Cai 1 L. Kimerling 1 A. Agarwal 1

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA

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9:00 AM - O3.09
Facile Synthesis and Electrical Properties of PEDOT: PSS Wrapped Three Dimensional MWCNT/Graphene/Ag Polycarbonate Nanocomposites

Archana Khute 1

1KAUST Thuwal Saudi Arabia

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9:00 AM - O3.10
A Universal High-k Dielectric for Solution Processing and Thermal Evaporation Organic Transistors by Storage Environment

Zongrong Wang 1 Congcheng Fan 2 Xiaochen Ren 3 Erica Chang 3 Hanying Li 2 Shien Ping Feng 3 Sanqiang Shi 1 Kwok Leung Chan 3

1The HongKong Polytechnic University HongKong Hong Kong2Zhejiang University Hangzhou China3The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong

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9:00 AM - O3.12
Switching Phase Separation Mode by Varying the Hydrophobicity of Polymer Additives in Solution-Processed Semiconducting Small-Molecule/Polymer Blends

Zhengran He 1 Jihua Chen 2 Dale K Hensley 2 Adam J Rondinone 2 Dawen Li 1

1The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa USA2Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA

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9:00 AM - O3.14
Solution-Processible Polymer Nanocomposite Dielectrics for Organic Thin Film Transistors

Young-Jae Kim 1 Joohee Kim 2 Youn Sang Kim 2 Jin-Kyu Lee 1

1Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea2Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - O3.15
Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Tunable Plasmonics

Su-Wen Hsu 1

1UCSD La Jolla USA

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9:00 AM - O3.17
High Performance of Y-Doped Sn-Zn-O Films Fabricated by Solution Process for Amorphous Thin Film Transistors

Yunxuan Yu 1 Xian Gong 1 Dong Liu 1 Yan Wang 1 2 Dedong Han 1 2 Xiaoyan Liu 1 Jinfeng Kang 1

1Institute of Microelectronics, Peking University Beijing China2Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Shenzhen China

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9:00 AM - O3.18
Magnetic Field-Directed Assembly of ZnO Nanowires in Polythiophene Films for Solution-Processed Ordered Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaics

Candice I. Pelligra 1 Jonathan P. Singer 1 Pawel W. Majewski 1 Chinedum O. Osuji 1

1Yale University New Haven USA

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9:00 AM - O3.19
Advances in the Processing of Lead Zirconate Titanate Functional Thin Films towards Flexible Electronics

Paula Vilarinho 1 Inigo Bretos 2 Ricardo Jimenez 2 Aiying Wu 1 Angus Kingon 3 Lourdes Calzada 2

1University of Aveiro Aveiro Portugal2CSIC Madrid Madrid Spain3Brown University Providence USA Minor Outlying Islands

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9:00 AM - O3.20
Conductivity and Microstructure of Inkjet-Printed Silver Tracks Depending on the Digital Pattern, Sintering Process, Substrate and Ink

Dana Weise 1 Andrea Grimm 1 Uwe Weiss 1 Kalyan Yoti Mitra 1 Enrico Sowade 1 Reinhard R. Baumann 1 2

1Chemnitz University of Technology Chemnitz Germany2Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS Chemnitz Germany

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9:00 AM - O3.21
Conformal Stretchable Conductors on 3-D Substrates

Mert Vural 1 Adam Behrens 2 Peter Kofinas 2

1University of Maryland College Park USA2University of Maryland College Park USA

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9:00 AM - O3.22
High-Rate Electro-Fluidic Directed Assembly of Nanoelements on Polyimide for Flexible Devices

Asli Sirman 1 Hanchul Cho 1 Sivasubramanian Somu 1 Ahmed Busnaina 1

1Northeastern University Boston USA

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9:00 AM - O3.23
WITHDRAWN 11/21/2013 Synthesis and Charaterization of Reactive and Non-Reactive Organically Modified Layered Silicates with Improved Thermal Stability

Ivy Elsie Ofori 1 Won-Duck Kim 1

1Kangwon National University Samecheok-si Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - O3.24
Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Eu3+ Doped ZnO Quantum Dots

Adersh Asok 1 A. R. Kulkarni 2 Mayuri N. Gandhi 1

1Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Mumbai India2Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Mumbai India

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