Recommended Hotel

Wyndham Pittsburgh University CenterExterior of the Wyndham Pittsburgh hotel
100 Lytton Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

For reservations, call 877.999.3223 (US and Canada).


Warning: Scam Alert

The organizers of UBEC have learned that a third-party company, Exhibitor Housing Services (EHS) – also known as Exhibitor Housing Management (EHM) and Business Travel Management (BTM), is targeting UBEC conference speakers and attendees with a fraudulent travel and hotel booking scheme. The company is calling and/or emailing conference speakers and attendees and falsely claiming it is the “official” housing bureau and/or authorized by UBEC and MRS to book hotel and/or travel accommodations for the conference. This is entirely false. UBEC and MRS are not affiliated in any way with EHS.


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