2018 MRS Spring Meeting

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Welcome to the 2018 MRS Spring Meeting!

The 2018 MRS Spring Meeting will be held in the Phoenix Convention Center (PCC), April 2–6, 2018. There will be 61 symposia grouped into six topical clusters, as follows:

Characterization, Modeling and Theory—This cluster includes six symposia with special focus on simulation, theory and advanced nanoscale characterization of materials and of their functional properties by transmission electron microscopy, electron, x-ray and neutron diffraction, scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. Special emphasis is put on in situ investigations of materials as well as their operando characterization. Spatiotemporal deformation mechanisms of materials and their dynamics are also addressed.

Electronic and Photonic Materials—This cluster comprises eight symposia with focus on processing, characterization, integration, device performance and reliability issues of materials for electronic, photonic and optoelectronic applications. Materials for advanced memory and low power logic applications and their implementation in 3D architectures and in non-conventional computing as well as materials for quantum technologies, light emitting diodes, novel emitters, lasers, photovoltaics and highly-integrated optoelectronic circuits will be addressed.

Energy Materials and Technologies—This cluster is comprised of 21 symposia that address the challenges, opportunities, and technologies related to energy materials, devices, and systems. Specific topical areas include photovoltaic materials and devices (perovskite and novel inorganic semiconductors), energy storage (batteries, capacitive devices, fuel cells, electrochemical systems, thermoelectrics, super ion conductors and interfaces), solar fuels, nuclear materials, superconductivity, as well as advanced materials for carbon capture, sustainable energy and grid energy storage.

Manufacturing—The manufacturing cluster features five symposia dedicated to a wide range of materials and applications: 1D nanowires, 2D materials, composites, textiles as well as materials aimed at particular applications such as advances in additive manufacturing, digital and analog printing technologies, organic electronics, direct matter assembly and dynamic materials.  Many of the symposia will establish connections to methods for the characterization and possible applications.

Nanomaterials—The nanomaterials cluster features 13 symposia dedicated to a wide range of nanoscale science and technologies of the variety of organic, inorganic and hybrid materials suitable for emerging photoelectric, photocatalytic and structural applications. The topics include cutting edge nanoscale top-down and bottom-up fabrication processes based on cluster deposition and self assembly, novel synthetic ways for hierarchical nanoporous materials, nanocomposites, carbon based nanomaterials and scalable light emitting quantum dots. New plasmonic and metamaterials, structural nano-metallic materials, atomically thin layered materials, magnetic, topological nanomaterials will be also addressed.

Soft Materials and Biomaterials—There are eight symposia in this broad interdisciplinary cluster. Key topics includes fundamental and applied research in the following technical areas: intelligent and biologically inspired materials, bioelectronics, immune modulatory materials, soft robotics, neural interfaces and advanced polymeric materials.

Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research Featuring MRS Award Talks.

To complement the symposia, tutorials will provide detailed information on particularly exciting areas of research and the Exhibit will showcase products and services of interest to the scientific community.  The Meeting, Exhibits and Posters will be located at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Meeting attendees will find Phoenix to be a very accessible and attractive host.  A wide array of restaurants, nightlife, cultural and sporting events are just steps away from the Convention Center and hotels. The region also offers an abundance of pre- and post-meeting touring options.  The 2018 MRS Spring meeting provides you science, sun and scenery!

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!


Edward Botchwey, Catherine Dubourdieu, Quanxi Jia, Shane Kennett, Cheolmin Park
2018 MRS Spring Meeting Chairs

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