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Symposium Financing

MRS Funding: A Short Guide for Symposium Organizers

Important Notes:

  • MRS supplies $1,500 as a seed grant to the organizers of each symposia.
    • This money may be used to support speakers, student travel or special AV needs (beyond the projector, screen, pointer and lapel microphone supplied by MRS).
    • The seed money may not be used by the symposium organizers to support their own travel or for supplemental food/beverage (MRS supplies morning and afternoon coffee breaks).
    • It is not necessary to raise additional funds, but it can be useful in attracting invited speakers and/or providing additional value to the symposium.
  • One or all members of the organizing committee may be involved in raising funds for your symposium, but one person must be designated as the financial chair.
  • Do not offer support to speakers until funding has been secured.
  • Once funding has been secured, MRS will handle the administrative details such as invoicing, filing financial reports, etc.
  • Specific information concerning preparing funding proposals is included in the Spring Symposium Organizer Handbook  or the Fall Symposium Organizer Handbook  (Sections 7F), including sample letters and a list of the corporate affiliate benefits and opportunities.
  • Example of a Funding Proposal

Before the Meeting

  • A budget must be submitted to the MRS Accounting Manager at MRS headquarters.
  • Any funds raised for support of the symposium must be deposited at MRS HQ in an account specifically set aside for your symposium.  Disbursements will be made upon written request from the symposium financial chair.
  • Contact government agencies or companies to discuss potential support of your symposium, generally at least 6 month prior to the meeting.  All funding proposals must be submitted to MRS HQ for processing.

After the Meeting

  • For government grants, a final technical report must be prepared by the financial chair within 60 days and submitted to the MRS Accounting Manager, who will forward the report to the sponsoring agency.

Useful Websites

  • Refer to Section 7 of the symposium organizers handbook on the MRS website for general information on symposium funding.
  • Each education symposium will have an online Dropbox, accessible by the organizers of that symposium, that contains useful information, resources and a list of industry and government organizations that have supported previous education symposia.