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Education Symposium Planning Handbook

Outreach and Communication Skills Subcommittee

The efforts of the Outreach and Communication Skills Subcommittee are to provide for professional development programs and activities for scientists to learn public communication skills to directly interact with public audiences; continue to promote and support member involvement in development of education symposia and tutorials as well as associated broader impact education programs such as panels, presentations and workshops. Our primary target audience is students, young professionals and mid-career educators; our secondary target audience is late career professionals.

A charge of the subcommittee is to provide oversight and guidance to support educational symposia, workshops and related activities at MRS meetings.  The number of educational symposia at the MRS meetings has grown during the last decade, with an education symposium conducted at least one meeting per year since 2001.   This quick reference guide is meant to complement the Spring Symposium Organizer Handbook and Fall Symposium Organizer Handbook published by MRS for each meeting. It is intended to help you get the big picture and determine what the different responsibilities are.

The Handbook is available online via the table of contents below, as well as in PDF format for easy download, and in an electronic flipbook below.

Table of Contents

Can't see the electronic Education Symposium Planning Handbook? Click here to view.

This subcommittee will help encourage and support:

  • A healthy institutional mix of symposium organizers - formal and informal science educators representing  the many pedagogy levels, public audiences and industry representation
  • A better geographical mix both nationally and internationally
  • Maintaining diversity in the background, experience and perspective of symposium organizers
  • Integrating a symposium with other technical and non-technical activities during meetings

Contact Elizabeth Kupp or Dan Steinberg if you are interested in more information or would like to help.