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Symposium SF07—In Situ Material Performance and Dynamic Structure Characterization Under Coupled Extremes

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Symposium Organizers

SF07.05: Ceramics—Thermophysical Properties
Session Chairs
Cody Dennett
Flyura Djurabekova
Tuesday AM, May 10, 2022
Hilton, Kalia Conference Center, 2nd Floor, Kahili 2

10:30 AM - *SF07.05.01
Piezomagnetism in Uranium Dioxide

Krzysztof Gofryk1

Idaho National Laboratory1

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11:00 AM - SF07.05.02
Luminescence Mechanisms of Amorphous Silica Under Low-Temperature Ion-Beam Irradiation—Role of High Electronic Excitation Density and Collisional Processes on Complex Interplay Between Emitting Centers

Joseph Graham3,Miguel Crespillo1,2,Fernando Agulló-López1,Yanwen Zhang4,William Weber2

University Autonomous of Madrid1,The University of Tennessee, Knoxville2,Missouri University of Science and Technology3,Oak Ridge National Laboratory4

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11:15 AM - SF07.05.03
Modeling of Chloride Effect on Localized Corrosion Initiation at Grain Boundary Sites of Passive Oxide Surfaces

Aditya Sundar1,Ganlin Chen1,Liang Qi1

Univ of Michigan1

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11:30 AM - SF07.05.04
Operando Analysis of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell in Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy

Thierry Epicier3,Quentin Jeangros1,Matthieu Bugnet2,Cédric Frantz1,Stefan Diethelm1,Dario Montinaro4,Elizaveta Tyukalova5,Yevheniy Pivak6,Jan Van herle1,Aicha Hessler-Wyser1,Martial Duchamp5,7

EPFL1,Université de Lyon, INSA de Lyon, UCBL2,Université de Lyon, UCBL3,SOLIDpower SA4,Nanyang Technological University5,DENSsolutions6,Univ. Côte d'Azur, Sorbonne Université, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University7

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SF07.07: Corrosion, Diffraction and Scattering
Session Chairs
Cody Dennett
Khalid Hattar
Tuesday PM, May 10, 2022
Hilton, Kalia Conference Center, 2nd Floor, Kahili 2

3:30 PM - SF07.07.02
Molecular Examination of Ion Pairs Formation and Competition in Highly Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions Using In Situ Liquid SIMS

Xin Zhang1,Yining Wang1,Duo Song1,Carolyn Pearce1,Zheming Wang1,Wei Wang1,Kevin Rosso1,Zihua Zhu1

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory1

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3:45 PM - *SF07.07.03
Beam-On Coupled Effects in Nuclear Materials—Irradiation-Slowed Corrosion, In Situ Void Swelling Detection, and Plasma-Facing Component Monitoring

Michael Short1,Weiyue Zhou1,Benjamin Dacus1,Kevin Woller1,Nouf AlMousa2,1,Adria Peterkin1,Wande Cairang1,Owais Waseem1,Sara Zangi1,Sara Ferry1,Yang Yang3,Andrew Minor4,Khalid Hattar5,Cody Dennett6,Guiqiu (Tony) Zheng1,Peter Stahle1,Mark Lapington7,Felix Hofmann7,Minyi Zhang7,Djamel Kaoumi8

Massachusetts Institute of Technology1,Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University2,The Pennsylvania State University3,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory4,Sandia National Laboratories5,Idaho National Laboratory6,University of Oxford7,North Carolina State University8

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4:15 PM - SF07.07.05
Insights into Hydrogen Storage in Porous Materials from Neutron Scattering Under Extreme Conditions

Valeska Ting1,2,Lui Terry1,2,Mi Tian3,Nuno Bimbo4,Tim Mays5

University of Bristol1,Bristol Composites Institute2,University of Exeter3,University of Southampton4,University of Bath5

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