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Symposium MF02—3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices

2022-05-11   Show All Abstracts

Times shown in HST (GMT-10:00)

Symposium Organizers

Roger Narayan, North Carolina State University
Jinah Jang, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Khoon Lim, University of Otago
Min Wang, University of Hong Kong
MF02.01: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices I
Session Chairs
Yong Lin Kong
Rahim Rahimi
Wednesday PM, May 11, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 319B

1:30 PM - *MF02.01.01
Additive Manufacturing of Smart Ingestible Devices for Spatial Sampling of Gastrointestinal Microbiome

Rahim Rahimi1

Purdue University1

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2:00 PM - MF02.01.02
4D Printed Transformable Tube Array for High Throughput 3D Cell Culture and Histology

Howon Lee3,1,Chen Yang1,Jeffrey Luo1,Marianne Polunas1,Nikola Bosnjak2,Sy-Tsong Chueng1,Michelle Chadwick1,Hatem Sabaawy1,Shawn Chester2,Ki-Bum Lee1

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey1,New Jersey Institute of Technology2,Seoul National University3

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2:15 PM - MF02.01.03
Bioinspired Sutureless Anastomosis Devices by 3D Printing

Sung Hoon Kang1,Christopher Shallal1,Helen Xun1,David Stonko1,Runhan Tao1,Fanzhen Ding1,Yanwen Liu1,David Burmeister2,Joseph White2,Gerald Brandacher1,Caitlin Hicks1,Justin Sacks3

Johns Hopkins University1,Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences2,Washington University in St. Louis3

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2:30 PM - MF02.01

3:00 PM - MF02.01.04
Functionalized 3D-Printed Silkhydroxyapatite Scaffolds for Enhanced Bone Regeneration with Innervation and Vascularization

Vincent Fitzpatrick1,Anna Deck1,Ruben Torres1,Chunmei Li1,David Kaplan1

Tufts University1

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3:15 PM - MF02.01.05
Dynamically Stretchable Vasculature-on-a-Chip Model by 3D-Printed Porous Molds to Mimic Coronary Arteries During the Cardiac Cycle

Terry Ching1,2,Jyothsna Vasudevan1,2,Shu-Yung Chang1,Hsih Yin Tan2,Chwee Teck Lim2,Javier Fernandez1,Jun Jie Ng2,Yi-Chin Toh3,Michinao Hashimoto1

Singapore University of Technology and Design1,National University of Singapore2,Queensland University of Technology3

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3:30 PM - MF02.01.06
Effect of Temperature Gradient on Crosslinking of GelMA for 4D-Bioprinting Deformable Structures

Zeqing Jin1,Zhizhou Zhang1,Shao-Yi Yu1,Grace Gu1

University of California, Berkeley1

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3:45 PM - MF02.01.07
Microstructure of Compositionally Graded Ti+Ti15Mo Alloys Prepared by Direct Laser Deposition

Milos Janecek1,Tomas Krajnak1,Dalibor Preisler1,Josef Strasky1,Michal Brazda2,Jaroslav Vavrik2,Jan Dzugan2

Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics1,Comtes FHT2

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4:00 PM - MF02.01.08
Bioactive Self-Limiting Electrospray for Efficient Additive Manufacturing

Jonathan Singer1,Sarah Park1,Robert Green-Warren1,Michael Grzenda1

Rutgers University1

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4:15 PM - MF02.01.09
3D-Printing of Mechanically Competent, Low Profile, Radiopaque Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds

Yonghui Ding1,Henry Oliver Ware2,Cheng Sun1,Guillermo Ameer1

Northwestern University1,North Carolina State University2

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MF02.02: Poster Session: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices
Session Chairs
Yong Lin Kong
Rahim Rahimi
Wednesday PM, May 11, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 1, Kamehameha Exhibit Hall 2 & 3

5:00 PM - MF02.02.01
Potential of 3D Printing in Fabrication of Patient-Specific Biodegradable Microneedle Platform for Alopecia Treatment

Shayan Fakhraei Lahiji1,Jaehyun Kim1,Juhyeong Hong1,Yong-Hee Kim1,Seung-Hwan Joo1,Ju-Hyun Lee1,Seonjeong Chang1

Hanyang University1

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5:00 PM - MF02.02.03
Correlation Between the Mechanical Strength and Crystallinity of 3D- Printed PEEK Materials

Kyung-hyun Kim1,Hyeon-Sik Ahn2,Ae-Sun Oh1,Dong-Hwan Kim1,Eunyoung Park1,Hyun-Cheol Bae1

ETRI1,Hanbat National University2

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5:00 PM - MF02.02.04
Bioinspired 3D Printed Vascularized Polymers for Detection of and Response to Bacteria on Surfaces

Brandon Dixon1,Anna Briley1,Kayla Marquis1,Benjamin Chasse1,Caitlin Howell1

University of Maine1

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5:00 PM - MF02.02.05
Development of Ophthalmic Disease Diagnosis System Based on Three-Dimensional Plasmonic Clusters

Minsu Jang1,Gyeong Ha Bak1,Ye-Ji Kim1,Thanh Mien Nguyen1,Yujin Lee1,Il-Hyun Lee1,YouHwan Kim2,Nayeong Kim2,Yeong Ju Lee3,Won-Geun Kim3,Sung-Jo Kim3,Hyuk Jung3,Eun Jung Choi3,Jong-Min Lee4,Jin-Woo Oh1,2,3

Department of Nano Fusion technology1,Busan National University2,Pusan National University3,Hallym University4

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5:00 PM - MF02.02.06
Development of an Early Diagnosis Platform for Breast Cancer Based on SERS Sensor

YouHwan Kim1,Nayeong Kim1,Yujin Lee1,Gyeong Ha Bak1,Ye-Ji Kim1,Thanh Mien Nguyen1,Il-Hyun Lee1,Minsu Jang1,Yeong Ju Lee1,Sung-Jo Kim1,Eun Jung Choi1,Hyuk Jung1,Won-Geun Kim1,Jong-Min Lee2,Jin-Woo Oh1

Pusan National University1,Hallym University2

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5:00 PM - MF02.02.07
Fumed Silica-Modified Polydimethylsiloxane for Embedded 3D Printing of Microfluidic Chips

Yifei Jin1

University of Nevada Reno1

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5:00 PM - MF02.02.08
3D-Printed Architected Tablets with Tunable Porosity and Drug Release

Sang Hoon Lee1,Seung Min Oh1,Seok Kim1,Young Tae Cho1

Changwon national University1

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5:00 PM - MF02.02.09
3D-Printed Metallic Lattice Scaffolds for Orthopedic Bone Reconstruction

Galit Katarivas Levy1,J. Sam Meyer1,Amit Benady2,Solomon Dadia2

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev1,Tel-Aviv Medical Center2

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2022-05-12   Show All Abstracts

Times shown in HST (GMT-10:00)

Symposium Organizers

Roger Narayan, North Carolina State University
Jinah Jang, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Khoon Lim, University of Otago
Min Wang, University of Hong Kong
MF02.03: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices II
Session Chairs
Spencer Moore
Stephanie Willerth
Thursday AM, May 12, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 319B

10:00 AM - *MF02.03.01
3D Bioprinting Personalized Neural Tissue Models

Stephanie Willerth1

University of Victoria1

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10:30 AM - MF02.03.02
Materials and Technologies for Implantable Focal Brain Cooling Systems

Spencer Moore1,Thomas Paterson1,Arua Da Silva1,Jason Berwick1,Ivan Minev1

University of Sheffield1

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10:45 AM - MF02.03.03
Expanding Geometries Available for Melt Electrowritten Scaffolds Using Microscale Layer Shifting

Ievgenii Liashenko1,Andrei Hrynevich2,Huaizhong Xu3,Paul Dalton1

Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, University of Oregon1,Utrecht University2,Kyoto Institute of Technology3

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11:00 AM - MF02.03.04
Development of Shape Memory Alloy Based Micro-Tentacle Actuator Using Two-Photon Polymerization

Hyun-Taek Lee1,Florent Seichepine2,Guang-Zhong Yang3

Inha University1,Imperial College London2,Shanghai Jiao Tong University3

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11:15 AM - MF02.03.05
Laser Processing of Thermoelectrics for Medical Devices

George Nolas1,Saniya LeBlanc2

Univ of South Florida1,The George Washington University2

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11:30 AM - MF02.03.07
Utilising Stereolithography Based 3D Printing for the Direct Fabrication of BioCompatible Hollow Microneedles

Joe Turner1,Hannah Leese1

University of Bath1

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MF02.04: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices III
Session Chairs
Jayanthi Parthasarathy
Fiorenzo Vetrone
Thursday PM, May 12, 2022
Hawai'i Convention Center, Level 3, 319B

1:45 PM - *MF02.04.01
Materials for 3D Printing Patient Specific Blood Specific Vascular Models for Biomechanical Evaluation and Clinical Decision Making

Jayanthi Parthasarathy1

Nationwide Children's Hospital1

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2:15 PM - *MF02.04.02
Multiscale 3D Printing of Nanomaterials-Based Biomedical Electronics and Ingestible System

Yong Lin Kong1

University of Utah1

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2:45 PM - MF02.04.03
3D-Printed Epidermal Microfluidic Systems for the Collection and Analysis of Sweat

Chung-Han Wu1,Howin Ma1,Tyler Ray1

University of Hawaii1

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3:00 PM - MF02.04

3:30 PM - *MF02.04.04
Upconversion Nanoparticles

Fiorenzo Vetrone1

INRS, Université du Québec1

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4:00 PM - MF02.04.05
Printed Electrode Arrays for Implantable and Wearable Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces

Ivan Minev1

University of Sheffield1

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4:15 PM - MF02.04.06
3D Printed Replica Teeth for Understanding Characterization of Cracks Using Quantitative Percussion Diagnostics

James Earthman1,Jie Shen1,Haocheng Yang1,Cherilyn Sheets2

University of California, Irvine1,Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute2

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4:30 PM - MF02.04.07
Effect of Printing Parameters on Cross-Linked Polymer Networks—An Investigation into Additive Manufacturing

Kris Van de Voorde1,2,Anne Walker1

US Army1,Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education2

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4:45 PM - MF02.04.08
Expresion of Pluripotency Markers in Thermal Injet Bioprinted Adult Human Fibroblasts

Thomas Boland1,Patricia Ablanedo Morales1,Brittany Rodriquez1,Kayla Molina1,Claudia Dell'Amico2,Matteo Baggiani2,Carmelo De Maria2,Marco Onorati2

Univ of Texas-El Paso1,University of Pisa2

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2022-05-25   Show All Abstracts

Times shown in EDT (GMT-4:00)

Symposium Organizers

Roger Narayan, North Carolina State University
Jinah Jang, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Khoon Lim, University of Otago
Min Wang, University of Hong Kong
MF02.05: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices IV
Session Chairs
Roger Narayan
Min Wang
Wednesday AM, May 25, 2022

8:00 AM - *MF02.05.01
Additive Manufacturing of Novel Structures for Tissue Engineering Applications

Min Wang1

University of Hong Kong1

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8:30 AM - MF02.05.02
Wetting and Design Guidelines for Bio-Inspired Liquid Diodes

Camilla Sammartino1

Tel Aviv University1

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8:45 AM - MF02.05.03
3D Printing of Nano Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Bioceramic for Fabricating Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

Min Wang1,Yue Wang1,Jiaming Bai2

The University of Hong Kong1,Southern University of Science and Technology2

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9:00 AM - MF02.05.04
3D Printing Approaches for Transdermal Drug Delivery

Roger Narayan1

North Carolina State University1

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9:15 AM - MF02.05.05
4D Printing and Characteristics of Shape Morphing GelMA/PDLLA-co-TMC Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

Min Wang1,Xiaodie Chen1,Jiahui Lai1

The University of Hong Kong1

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9:20 AM - MF02.05.06
4D Printed Fiber-Reinforced Highly Stretchable Tissue Engineering Scaffolds for Soft Tissue Applications

Min Wang1,Jizhuo Chen1,Shangsi Chen1

The University of Hong Kong1

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9:25 AM - MF02.05.07
Melt Printing of Polymeric Drug Delivery Microdepots in 2.5D

Dan Lewitus2,Almog Uziel1,2,David Meiri1

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology1,Shenkar- Engineering. Design. Art2

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9:40 AM - MF02.05.08
3D Microfabrication of Fully-Embedded Transdermal Microneedles for Single-Administration Vaccines

Khanh Tran1,Thanh Nguyen1

University of Connecticut1

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9:55 AM - MF02.05.09
Leech-Inspired 3D-Printed Origami Electrodes for Electrophysiology Sensing

Tae-Ho Kim1,Chao Bao1,Woo Soo Kim1

Simon Fraser University1

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10:10 AM - MF02.02.02
Fabrication of Polycaprolactone-Hydroxyapatite Composites Filaments for FDM 3D Printing of Bone Imitation Application

Chang Geun Kim1,Kyung Seok Han1,Sol Lee1,Min Cheol Kim1,Soo Young Kim2,Junghyo Nah1

Chungnam National University1,Yeungnam University2

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