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Meeting Policies

Recording Policy

Recording of Presentations is Strictly Prohibited. No individual or entity—including a presenting author—may electronically record broadcast any portion of the MRS Meeting without prior written consent of MRS. Unauthorized recording (audio, video, still photography, etc.) of presentations during sessions, posters, workshops, tutorials, etcetera, without the express written consent of MRS and individual authors is strictly prohibited. MRS reserves the rights to any approved audio and video production of presentations at all MRS events. Press representatives must receive a Press Pass and photo/recording permission from MRS. Those who do not comply with the MRS recording policy may have their access to meeting content revoked.

No recording via camera or cell phone

Photo Policy

Attendees or exhibitors are encouraged to network and enjoy the meeting experience. As such, capturing memories of casual meeting activities and networking is permitted with the permission of those being prominently photographed. Photographing formal meeting presentations, posters, or displays is forbidden without permission of MRS and the presenter. Those who do not comply with the MRS Photo policy may have their access to meeting content revoked.

Videos and Photos for MRS Use

MRS Meeting attendance implies your consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded for use on the MRS website or news publications. Please note that no technical presentations will be recorded without prior consent of MRS and the authors.

MRS Publishing Policy

MRS journals do allow submission and publication of figures and content that have appeared online as part of a virtual presentation. Standard journal peer-review policies apply to these submitted papers. If you plan to submit to a non-MRS journal, we recommend that you first review that journal’s policies.

Transaction Policy

MRS reserves the right not to process any transaction that it determines, in its sole discretion, may violate any law or regulation applying to persons, entities, or nations on the United States Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Nationals list or any similar list maintained by the U.S. Government.

If you need more information on the U.S. Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Nationals list, please visit the U.S. Treasury Department site.