Joint Meeting

Meet the New Faculty Candidates—Virtual Session

November 29 – December 4

Pre-recorded presentations will be accessible throughout the 2020 MRS Virtual MRS Spring/Fall Meeting.

Meet the New Faculty Candidates—Virtual Session offers an excellent networking opportunity for faculty candidates to meet one another and get feedback before their interviews, and for recruiters, departmental representatives and search committees to find new faculty candidates.

Faculty candidates who registered for the 2020 Virtual MRS Spring/Fall Meeting are invited to submit an abstract for this virtual session. Deadline for abstract submission is November 9, 2020. We look forward to your participation!

Recruiters, Departmental Representatives and Search Committees

Are you a member of a search committee or in a department that is hiring?


The MRS Early Career Professional Subcommittee will be in contact prior to the event. The virtual session will be available throughout the Meeting week. Search committees will be able to post questions and schedule private meetings with faculty candidates. Recruiters and search committees must be registered for the 2020 Virtual MRS Spring/Fall Meeting in order to view candidate information.

New Faculty Candidates

Faculty candidates will be expected to submit an abstract and CV by November 9, 2020, for evaluation by the MRS Early Career Professionals Subcommittee. Abstract acceptance emails will be sent out by November 13.

If your abstract is accepted, you will be expected to pre-record a two-minute elevator-type pitch describing your research vision and pedagogy. This presentation must be uploaded by November 21, 2020 (details about uploading will be shared at a later date). Download this tip sheet for pre-recording your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint »

Abstract/CV Submission

Early Submission: October 30, 2020
Deadline: November 9, 2020, 8:00 pm ET

Submit Your Abstract

The number of accepted presentations is limited due to the virtual event space. Early submissions will receive priority for acceptance.

Required Fields

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Current Affiliation
  4. Current Job Title
  5. Area of Research
  6. Title of Presentation
  7. Abstract of Your Presentation (<150 words)
  8. PDF of Resume/CV (File size <10 MB)

*Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Is the title/abstract engaging?
  • Does the abstract/CV speak to the candidate’s research?
  • Does the abstract/CV speak to the candidate's teaching?
  • Does the abstract/CV speak to the candidate's service?

Abstract Examples

"Laboratory for Electrochemical Materials and Energy Sustainability"
Innovative technologies enabled by next-generation materials will define the future of sustainable energy storage and conversion. My future research program will develop and apply a number of synthetic and theoretical strategies to solve a diverse range of chemistry and materials science problems related to next-generation materials for energy storage. This research program will enable the co-evolution of innovation and deployment strategies via inexpensive, earth-abundant chemistries. Specifically, my research group will (1) introduce new, lithium and sodium conducting electrolytes to the field, (2) invent safe batteries using lithium and sodium solid electrolytes, and (3) promote a fundamental understanding of interfacial electrochemistry in hybrid energy-storage devices. This research program will delve into the synthesis, processing and fundamental understanding of how lithium and sodium are conducted through the solid matrix and at interfaces. As an educator, my main goal is to prepare students as critical thinkers and leaders in all walks of life. Based on my education and research background, I am confident that I can teach lecture-based and lab-based courses such as Materials ChemistryInorganic ChemistryCrystallography, and Solid-State Chemistry.

"Surface Polariton-Based Metamaterials and Optoelectronics in the Mid- to Far-Infrared"
My academic career has been defined by understanding the optical properties of materials and interfaces using infrared light. This has motivated me to seek the role of assistant professor in materials science and engineering in order to provide both high-quality research and teaching. My research has centered on leveraging polaritons – coupled states of light and matter – in order to engineer new functionality into infrared devices and materials, in particular 2D materials. My group's future work aims to tightly confine light to optoelectronic transitions in atomically thin materials in order to create new types of infrared source, detector and sensor technology. My experience and background lend me to teaching on key material subjects in solid-state physics, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.

    Virtual Session

    Faculty candidates will pre-record a two-minute elevator-type pitch describing their research vision and pedagogy. Candidates must upload their presentations by November 21 into the virtual platform. These presentations will be viewable between November 29 and December 4 by registered Meeting attendees. The virtual platform will allow attendees to post questions and schedule meetings throughout the Meeting week. The MRS Early Career Professionals Subcommittee encourages all participants to interact with fellow faculty candidates and offer constructive feedback throughout the Meeting.
    Candidates should complete a profile in the virtual platform.


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