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Materials Voice
At the Materials Voice Booth, attendees sent convenient, personalized letters to their representatives on Capitol Hill.

Effective Public Policy Engagement Strategies for Researchers Workshop
This interactive workshop provided an essential introduction to the policy making process through the lens of the U.S. federal government, while providing specific steps researchers can take to engage policy stakeholders and articulate the policy implications of their work.

Congressional Fellowship Program Information Session
Attendees learned about MRS/OSA and MRS/TMS Congressional Fellowships and heard from current and former Fellows about their experiences as scientists in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Research Funding Opportunities
The Research Funding Opportunities sessions provided interaction between government agency presenters and MRS Membership. Invited talks were followed by round-table Q&A sessions with the individual program managers.

Graduate Student Award Finalists' Special Talk Sessions
Gold and silver awards were given to graduate student finalists.

MRS Medal Talk
Congratulations to John A. Rogers, Northwestern University, on receiving the 2018 MRS Medal. Rogers presented Materials for Bio-Integrated Microsystems Technologies.

David Turnbull Lectureship Award Talk
M. Stanley Whittingham of Binghamton University, The State University of New York, presented Solid State Ionics—The Key to the Discovery and Domination of Lithium Batteries for Portable Energy Storage Leading to a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry.

MRS Awards and Recognition Program Featuring the Von Hippel Presentation
Distinguished award recipients were honored at the 2018 MRS Fall Meeting Awards Ceremony. Hideo Hosono, Tokyo Institute of Technology, was the 2018 Von Hippel Award recipient and presented Element Strategy in Materials Research.

MRS Woody White Service Award
The MRS Woody White Service Award was presented to Ashley White, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, during the MRS Awards and Recognition Program.

MRS Nelson "Buck" Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy
The inaugural MRS Nelson "Buck" Robinson Science and Technology Award for Renewable Energy was presented to Aaswath P. Raman, University of California, Los Angeles, during the MRS Awards and Recognition Program.

MRS Postdoctoral Awards
Minah Lee, Stanford University, and James Bullock, University of California, Berkeley, was presented with MRS Postdoctoral Awards, during the MRS Awards and Recognition Program.

MRS Bulletin Postdoctoral Publication Prize

MRS Bulletin is pleased to announce that Hortense Le Ferrand, Nanyang Technological University, was selected to receive the MRS Bulletin Postdoctoral Publication Prize.

The Kavli Foundation Early Career Lectureship in Materials Science
Laura Na Liu, a professor at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics at Universität Heidelberg, presented Dynamic Plasmonics.

EU-40 Materials Prize
MRS and E-MRS have partnered to highlight achievements of the 2018 EU-40 Materials Prize recipient and the 2019 MRS Mid-Career Researcher recipient at each respective Society meeting.

Materials Theory Award Talk
The Materials Theory Award recipient, Giulia Galli, The University of Chicago, presented The Long and Winding Road: Predicting Material Properties Through Theory and Computation.

Science in Video Competition
Members selected the People's Choice Award from the amazing list of finalists. The videos were on display throughout the Fall Meeting and on the MRS YouTube Channel.

Public Outreach Center—Focus on Sustainability, Impact of Materials on Society
MRS played a major role in bringing the education, research and industrial communities together through exciting hands-on activities, demonstrations, information areas and seminars.

Open Data Challenge—Kick-Off Presentation
This competition sought students passionate about AI and materials to help unlock the power of open scientific data.

Student Mixer
Hands-on interactive activities were presented by various MRSECs.

Humanity Needs Dreamers—Marie Curie Film Viewing
Humanity Needs Dreamers: A Visit With Marie Curie. Sponsored by Dow.

Materials Science Research Aboard the International Space Station
Alpha Space partners with CASIS to provide opportunities to utilize the Alpha Space Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE), a commercially available materials research facility that resides externally aboard the ISS.

Materials Needs for Energy Sustainability by 2050—Practical Solutions to Tackle Climate Change
This panel event convened top experts to discuss the role of materials science and broader socioeconomic aspects in developing practical solutions to tackle climate change.

iMatSci—Innovation Showcase

AWIS Breakfast—“Inclusion in Innovation”
Interactive discussions included ways to increase diversity in STEM entrepreneurship, how to improve existing entrepreneurship support, the importance in developing an inclusive climate, and reasons why it is important to invest intentionally.

Chemical Angel Network Meeting and Pitch Session
Three iMatSci innovators had the chance to pitch their companies to the Chemical Angel Network and other Fortune 100 investment groups, and compete for an opportunity to win a $10,000 seed round investment.

iMatSci Innovation Showcase—Opening Keynote Address
Kyle Teamey opened the iMatSci schedule of events with an inspiring talk about his trials and successes as an entrepreneur, patent holder, investor and government-based innovation leader.

Raising Capital 101: For Startups
A panel of angels, venture capital firms and private equity practices discussed current trends in venture funding.

iMatSci Innovator Speed Pitches
iMatSci innovators presented a three-minute pitch of their new and original materials-based products.

iMatSci Innovator Networking Reception and Speed Meeting Session
Attendees were able to meet one-on-one with fellow innovators, iMatSci speakers and sponsors, and key players from government labs, industrial agencies and investment firms.

Innovation and Industry Partnerships Panel
A panel of five industry professionals explained how to develop partnerships between small businesses and large organizations, and discussed the process of transitioning small-scale prototypes to market-worthy products.

#WINNING: Success as a Young Entrepreneur
An inspiring pool of young innovators from fast-growing companies shared stories of their entrepreneurial trials, surprises, successes and endeavors.

Fireside Chat with Kevin Lefebvre on Innovation Licensing and Patenting
Kevin Lefebvre, Technology Licensing Officer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, talked about how to navigate the world of intellectual property, licensing and patenting as a new materials innovator.

iMatSci Closing Keynote Address—Towards Accelerated Medical Innovation
This talk explored medical technologies being developed that harness lessons from nature for inspiration from creatures such as geckos and jellyfish, and opens new paths to the continual innovation that is so important in our fast-changing world.

iMatSci Awards Presentation and Reception
Top iMatSci innovators were presented with prizes as the Chemical Angel Network announced the winner for their $10,000 seed stage investment.

Communicating Science to Nonspecialists—Science Communication Workshop
This session was designed to increase confidence in scientists as they communicate their work and become part of a community of researchers who share an interest in science outreach and engagement.

Effective Public Policy Engagement Strategies for Researchers Workshop
This interactive workshop provided an essential introduction to the policymaking process through the lens of the U.S. federal government, while providing specific steps researchers can take to engage policy stakeholders and articulate the policy implications of their work.

Women's Workshop and Reception—American Association of University Women (AAUW) Work Smart Salary Negotiation
This workshop covered negotiation style through facilitated discussion and role-play.

Essentials of Getting Your Work Published

MRS journal editors-in-chief discussed the fundamentals of successful scientific publishing.

Real-Life Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Product Design Seminar
Alan Rae discussed how to incorporate sustainability principles into your research in a more comprehensive way while considering the real-world application of these principles to product design and manufacture.

Undergraduate Mentoring Program Breakfast
Mentors and mentees participated in ice-breaker activities and shared research interests.

Networking for Career Success
Attendees learned tips for building and leveraging relationships to boost a job search.

How to Ace Your Next Interview
Attendees were told what to expect and how to prepare for job interviews.

Integrating Societal Perspective, Impact and Ethics into STEM Research

In this interactive workshop, participants explored their own research topics through a social lens.

Essential Abstracts and Titles—One-on-One Critiques with MRS Journal Editors
MRS journal editors offered one-on-one critiques with authors on writing effective abstracts and crafting winning titles.

Career Fair
An extension of the MRS online Job Board, the Career Fair provided an opportunity for Meeting participants and top employers to discuss career opportunities.

Navigating a Successful Transition from Undergraduate to Graduate Education
This interactive workshop provided an overview of key trends in materials research and hands-on activities providing critical information, actionable strategies, resources and reflection, all set in a real-world context of MS&E.

Green Cards for Scientific Researchers—How to Win Your EB-1/NIW Case!
Brian Getson of Getson & Schatz talked about how to start the process and key elements to include in your CV.

ABET Information and Evaluator Retraining Session
An informational session for anyone interested in the accreditation process and a retraining session for current ABET evaluators.

Women in Materials Science & Engineering Breakfast

This special breakfast event featured keynote speaker Alveda Williams, Corporate Director of Inclusion at The Dow Chemical Company.

Bringing Modeling and Simulation into My Classroom Workshop
This workshop presented methodological guidelines for deploying modeling and simulation in the materials science and engineering classroom.

Career Development Summit, Session 1: Learning from Failure—How to Bounce Back Stronger
 Achieving a successful career demands hard work and resilience, especially at the beginning. This Career Development Summit provided strategies for young or future professionals to overcome difficult periods in their careers.

Career Development Summit, Session 2: Failure and Difficulties, a Path to Cutting-Edge Research, Panel Discussion

This panel convened experts of diverse background to lead a discussion that covered topics such as identifying a career path out of academic research, identifying key skills, transferable knowledge and experience.

Building an Inclusive, Productive, Transformative Research Program for Early-Career Professionals
This workshop included environments and mechanisms of creativity, inclusive mentoring, scientific and technological collaboration across nations and cultures, learning through research, digital communications, publication and grant writing.

Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Sergei V. Kalinin
, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, presented The Lab on a Beam—Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy.

MRS University Chapter Representatives Meeting
This brief meeting discussed the MRS University Chapters Program.

Plenary Session Featuring The Fred Kavli Distinguished Lectureship in Materials Science
Paula T. Hammond
, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presented Charge Is on Our Side—Using Electrostatic Interplay with Cells and Tissues to Deliver Drugs.

Exhibitor Workshop | New Cleaving Solutions | Electron Microscopy Sciences
The workshop focused on innovative products and technology developments for the materials research community.

Exhibitor Workshop | Surface Characterization Workshop | Anton Paar
The workshop focused on innovative products and technology developments for the materials research community.

Hands-On Soft Robotics Demonstrations
Attendees were able to play with prototype actuators, grippers, artificial muscles, soft robotic insects, quadruped robots and more.

Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Dae-Hyeong Kim
, Seoul National University, presented Nanomaterials-Based Flexible and Stretchable Bioelectronics.

Student Engagement Subcommittee Meeting
Students interested in developing project-based volunteer opportunities for Spring and Fall Meetings attended this informational meeting about the new Student Engagement Subcommittee.

Exhibitor Workshop | The FIB-SEM as a Nanoscale Laboratory | TESCAN-USA
The workshop focused on innovative products and technology developments for the materials research community.

Exhibitor Workshop | Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Exploring the Nano-Scale World with CrystalMaker X | CrystalMaker Software
The workshop focused on innovative products and technology developments for the materials research community.

Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Mariana Bertoni
, Arizona State University, presented What is Next for Solar PV Technology?.

Symposium X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Erik Bakkers
, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, presented Bottom-Up Grown Nanowire Quantum Devices.

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