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Symposium EP06—Coherent Electronic Spin Dynamics in Materials and Devices

Recent advances in measurements of coherent electronic spin dynamics, especially near room temperature, underlies fundamental advances in sensing, quantum information processing, and low-power (non-quantum) devices such as magnetic memory and spin logic. A wide variety of materials exhibit coherent electronic spin dynamics, and thus studies of these effects have cross-platform implications. For example, similar dynamics can occur in diamond color centers, chromophores, organic light emitting diodes, silicon quantum dots, and complex oxide heterostructures. Fundamental theories of spin transfer, spin pumping, photonic coupling, and intersystem crossings are now being applied across these materials and disciplinary boundaries of spin physics, spin chemistry, and quantum information.

In order to focus on the directions of most immediate interest the emphasis of the symposium will be on materials and devices in which these effects occur at room temperature, or where a pathway towards room temperature is feasible.

Topics will include:

  • Spin torque and spin torque devices
  • Manipulation of singlet/triplet conversion in organic materials and devices
  • Coherent spin dynamics in two-dimensional materials
  • Spin/color centers in insulators and wide-gap semiconductors
  • Diamond magnetometry
  • Spin transport dynamics in oxides, semiconductors, and metals
  • Persistent optically or electrically induced magnetization
  • Coherent spin-optical conversation for quantum information
  • A tutorial complementing this symposium is tentatively planned.

Invited Speakers:

  • David Awschalom (The University of Chicago, USA)
  • Yujeong Bae (IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience, Republic of Korea)
  • Kai-Mei Fu (University of Washington, USA)
  • Greg Fuchs (Cornell University, USA)
  • Ronald Hanson (Delft University, Netherlands)
  • Mutsuko Hatano (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • Vincent Jacques (CNRS - Montpellier, France)
  • Nathalie De Leon (Princeton University, USA)
  • Xiaoqin Li (University of Texas Austin, USA)
  • Tianyu Liu (Tianjin University, China)
  • Shuichi Murakami (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
  • Georg Schmidt (Martin-Luther-Universität-Halle-Wittenberg, Germany)
  • Maria Vladimirova (Université de Montpellier, France)
  • Amir Yacoby (Harvard University, USA)
  • Luyi Yang (University of Toronto, Canada)

Symposium Organizers

Evelyn Hu
Harvard University

Hideo Ohno
Tohoku University
Research Institute of Electrical Communication

Bernhard Urbaszek

Michael Flatté
University of Iowa

Keywords for Abstract Submission

quantum sensing, spin coherence, spintronics

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