Special Workshop on Nanomaterials and Their Applications

In Honor of Professor Millie Dresselhaus for Her Lifelong Contribution and Impact to Materials Research

Monday, November 27
8:00 am – 5:15 pm
Hynes, Level 3, Room 304

Session on Carbon Nanotubes

8:00 am

Opening Remarks
Esko Kauppinen
, Aalto University

8:05 am

Growth of High-Quality Graphene Materials by CVD
Hui-Ming Cheng
, Chinese Academy of Sciences

8:20 am

Comparing TEM and Resonant Raman Spectroscopy for Diameter Distribution Assessment of an As-Grown SWCNT Sample
Annick Loiseau
, Office National d’Etudes et Recherches Aérospatiales

8:35 am

Carbon Nanotube Films for Organic Polymer and Perovskite Solar Cells
Shigeo Maruyama
, The University of Tokyo

8:50 am

Raman Spectroscopy in Novel 2D Materials
Marcos Assunção Pimenta
, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

9:05 am

Growth of Horizontal Carbon Nanotube Arrays with Specific Chirality
Jin Zhang
, Peking University

9:20 am

Panel Discussion

10:00 am – 10:15 am


Session on Thermoelectrics

10:15 am

Opening Remarks
Gang Chen,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

10:20 am

Professor Dresselhaus’ Contribution to Thermoelectrics Research
Joseph Heremans
, The Ohio State University

10:35 am

Heat Engines Based on Redox Work
Arun Majumdar
, Stanford University

10:50 am

Millie’s Impact on Thermoelectrics
Zhifeng Ren
, University of Houston

11:05 am

Room Temperature Minimum Thermal Conductivity in 3D Weak Topological Insulators
Jihui Yang
, University of Washington

11:20 am

An Overview of 2D Materials for Thermoelectric Applications
Mona Zebarjadi
, University of Virginia

11:35 am

Panel Discussion

12:15 pm – 1:00 pm

Lunch Break

Session on Graphene and 2D Materials

1:00 pm

Opening Remarks
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1:05 pm

Physics of Vacancies in Graphene
Eva Andrei
, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

1:20 pm

Many-Body Effects in Atomically Thin Materials
Tony Heinz
, Stanford University

1:35 pm

Electrochemical Intercalation of van der Waals Heterostructures
Philip Kim
, Harvard University

1:50 pm

Graphene Nano-Optoelectronics—Fundamentals and Applications
Frank Koppens
, ICFO–The Institute of Photonic Sciences

2:05 pm

Active Origami with 2D Materials
Paul McEuen
, Cornell University

2:20 pm

Panel Discussion

3:00 pm – 3:15 pm


Session on Frontier Topics

3:15 pm

Opening Remarks
Tomás Palacios
 and Evelyn Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3:20 pm

Energy Transition Policy
George Crabtree
, Argonne National Laboratory

3:35 pm

Interacting 2D Electron System in GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures—Alive and Kicking
Mansour Shayegan
, Princeton University

3:50 pm

Sequencing and Discriminating Whole Proteins with a Sub-Nanometer Diameter Pore
Gregory Timp
, University of Notre Dame

4:05 pm

Quantized Signature of Majorana Fermion—Particle Being Its Own Anti-Particle
Kang L. Wang
, University of California, Los Angeles

4:20 pm

New Materials Frontier by Manipulating Different Quantum Degrees of Freedom in 2D Crystals, Heterostructures, Interfaces and Nano-Metamaterials
Nai-Chang Yeh
, California Institute of Technology

4:35 pm

Panel Discussion

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