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Exploring Entrepreneurship as a Career

MRS, as your strategic, lifelong career partner, provides a great starting point for your entrepreneurship professional path, with its iMatSci Innovation Showcase.


Networking for Nerds: Create Your Dream Career

Discover how networking and appropriate self-promotion can enable you to land or even create your dream job from scratch.

Optimizing Your Time at a Conference

Learn how to set goals for an MRS Meeting, create and execute a plan, network and follow up with new contacts. These tips will help you leverage the MRS Meeting to advance your career.

PDF IconTip Sheets

Conversation Starters

Five easy ways to start a conversation.

Five Ways to Find People on LinkedIn

Five tips for networking on LinkedIn.

Five Ways to Follow Up After Meeting Someone

Follow up with new connections to keep the conversations going, flowing and growing.

Nine Amazing Wonders of the 2019 MRS Spring Meeting

Nine can't-miss professional development events.

PDF IconTemplates

Skill Inventory Matrix

Self-assessment tool to analyze skills, interests and goals.

Cover Letter Outline

Six steps to a great cover letter.

Resume Template

Alaina Levine's resume template.

CV Template

Alaina Levine's CV template.