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Phase Transitions in Materials

Author: Brent Fultz

Offering a fresh viewpoint on phase changes and the thermodynamics of materials, this textbook covers the thermodynamics and kinetics of the most important phase transitions in materials science, spanning classical metallurgy through to nanoscience and quantum phase transitions. Clear, concise and complete explanations rigorously address transitions from the atomic scale up, providing the quantitative concepts, analytical tools and methods needed to understand modern research in materials science.


Introduction to Computational Materials Science—Fundamentals to Applications     

Author: Richard LeSar

Emphasizing essential methods and universal principles, this textbook provides everything needed to understand the basics of simulating materials behavior. All the key topics are covered from electronic structure methods to microstructural evolution, appendices provide crucial background material and a wealth of practical resources are available online to complete the teaching package. 

Introduction to Computational Materials Science

Fundamentals of Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Editors: David S. Ginley and David Cahen

This textbook addresses the critical relationships among environment, energy and sustainability. Leading experts from around the world provide comprehensive coverage of each topic, bringing together diverse subject matter by integrating theory with engaging insights. Each chapter includes helpful features to aid understanding, including an historical overview, suggested further reading and questions for discussion. Every subject is illustrated with full-color images and color-coded sections for easy browsing, making this textbook a complete educational package.

Fundamentals of Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability


2016 PROSE Award Winner in Biological Science
NEW Structural DNA Nanotechnology

Author: Nadrian C. Seeman

The definitive introduction to structural DNA nanotechnology, written by the founder of the field. Clearly written and with full color illustrations throughout, this is an accessible, essential resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers in nanotechnology, materials science, physics, biology, chemistry, computational science and engineering.

Structural DNA Nanotechnology

NEW Elements of Slow-Neutron Scattering—Basics, Techniques, and Applications

Authors: J. M. Carpenter and C.-K. Loong

Providing a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the theory and applications of slow-neutron scattering, this detailed book equips readers with the fundamental principles of neutron studies, making it essential reading for both students and practitioners in this field.

Elements of Slow-Neutron

Organic Electro-Optics and Photonics—Molecules, Polymers and Crystals

Authors: Larry R. Dalton, Peter Günter, Mojca Jazbinsek, O-Pil Kwon and Philip A. Sullivan

This definitive guide to modern organic electro-optic and photonic technologies provides critical insight into recent advances in organic electro-optic materials, from the underlying quantum and statistical concepts through to the practical application of materials in modern devices and systems

Organic Electro-Optics

Biological Materials Science—Biological Materials, Bioinspired Materials, and Biomaterials 

Authors: Marc Andre Meyers and Po-Yu Chen

Taking a unique materials science approach, this text introduces students to the basic concepts and applications of materials and biomedical engineering and prepares them for the challenges of the new interdisciplinary field of biomaterials science. Split into three sections—Basic Biology Principles, Biological Materials, and Bioinspired Materials and Biomimetics—this book presents biological materials along with the structural and functional classification of biopolymers, bioelastomers, foams, and ceramic composites.

Biological Materials Science—Biological Materials, Bioinspired Materials, and Biomaterials

Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine

Edited by Peter Ma

Written by world-leading experts, this book focuses on the role of biomaterials in stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Emphasizing basic principles and methodology, this book covers stem cell interactions, fabrication technologies, design principles, physical characterization and biological evaluation, across a broad variety of systems and biomaterials.

Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine

Introduction to Nanofiber Materials

Authors: Frank K. Ko and Yuqin Wan

Presenting the latest coverage of the fundamentals and applications of nanofibrous materials and their structures for graduate students and researchers, this book bridges the communication gap between fiber technologists and materials scientists and engineers. Featuring intensive coverage of electroactive, bioactive and structural nanofibers, it provides a comprehensive collection of processing conditions for electrospinning and includes recent advances in nanoparticle-/nanotube-based nanofibers. The book also covers mechanical properties of fibers and fibrous assemblies, as well as characterization methods.

Nanofiber Materials

Thermodynamics of Surfaces and Interfaces—Concepts in Inorganic Materials

Author: Gerald H. Meier

This book provides an accessible yet rigorous discussion of the thermodynamics of surfaces and interfaces, delivering a comprehensive guide without an overwhelming amount of mathematics. The book begins with a review of the relevant aspects of the thermodynamics of bulk systems, followed by a description of the thermodynamic variables for surfaces and interfaces and detail of important surface phenomena.

Thermodynamics of Surfaces and Interfaces—Concepts in Inorganic Materials

Colloidal Quantum Dot Optoelectronics and Photovoltaics

Editors: Gerasimos Konstantatos and Edward H. Sargent   

Capturing the most up-to-date research in colloidal quantum dot (CQD) devices, this book is written in an accessible style by the world's leading experts. Summaries of the fundamental physics and chemistry provide those new to the field with the key information needed. The textbook systematically reviews key advances in device engineering that all researchers involved in the field must understand.

Colloidal Quantum Dot Optoelectronics and Photovoltaics

Handbook of Modern Ion Beam Materials Analysis, 2nd Edition

Editors: Yongqiang Wang and Michael Nastasi   

The most comprehensive database on ion beam analysis ever published—revised and updated from the popular handbook published in 1995—this handbook is a compilation of updated techniques and data for use in the ion beam analysis of materials. The information presented is unavailable collectively from any other source and places a strong emphasis on practical examples of the analysis techniques as they are applied to common problems. 

Handbook of Modern Ion Beam Materials Analysis