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Public Outreach Committee 

The Public Outreach Committee develops activities and programs on both national and local levels to educate the general public on materials research and its importance. Activities and programs may include, but are not be limited to, pre-university science education, press communications and public service information. The committee evaluates, interprets and communicates impact of the Society’s public awareness programs to the Board of Directors and collaborates with other MRS Operating Committees to publicize existing Society programs and engage the membership in outreach activities. Visit our Programs & Outreach page for more information on some of MRS' public outreach programs.

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Chair: Elizabeth Kupp, The Pennsylvania State University
HQ Liaison: Richard A. Souza, Manager, MRS Education and Outreach


In this MRS TV interview from the 2013 MRS Spring Meeting, Aditi Risbud, past chair of the MRS Public Outreach Committee, discusses how vital it is to explain the importance of materials science to the general public.

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Public Outreach Subcommittees

  • Impact of Materials on Society Subcommittee
  • Outreach and Communications Skills Subcommittee
  • Focus on Sustainability Subcommittee