About MRS

Ting Xu, University of California, Berkeley

Board of Directors

Ting XuTing Xu is currently a professor in both the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. She is a core member of the joint graduate bioengineering program between University of California, Berkeley, and University of California, San Francisco. She is also a faculty member in the Materials Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She received her PhD degree from the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and was a joint postdoctoral fellow at University of Pennsylvania and National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Ting has been active in MRS throughout her professional career. She was one of the Meeting Chairs for the 2012 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston and has been serving on the MRS Communications subcommittee since 2014. She is also actively involved with other societies, including the American Physics Society (APS), American Chemical Society (ACS) and Biophysics Society (BPS).  She organized and chaired symposia at both APS and ACS national meetings and is one of organizers of BPS US-Brazil thematic meeting. She also serves on the Scientific Advisory Committee at Center of Integrated Nanoscience Center (CINT). She has also contributed to several roadmap reports for various federal agencies including NSF, DOE and DOD.  She has authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers and books and has been recognized with several awards.

Ting’s research interests rest at the interface between materials chemistry, biology and systems engineering with a focus on soft materials. Her research aims to (1) understand assembly processes in multi-component systems, and (2) apply the fundamental knowledge gained to control the assembly kinetics and pathways to generate hierarchically structured hybrid materials. Her research group develops functional materials for life science, environment and energy applications.

Candidate's Statement

Materials science is in an era that we have never experienced. We are in a position to define what and who we are for years to come. As a candidate of MRS Board of Directors, I am fully aware of the importance of my role in establishing a vision for the future of materials science community and believe I can contribute on two different fronts. It is important that we bridge communities, to bring scientists together from disparate fields and to promote research at the boundaries of disciplines. Communities can be defined in so many ways and it is never enough to delineate them simply based on scientific interests. The other is to advance and realize the potential of the next generation of materials scientists.

I have been fortunate to be nourished by so many different communities. Scientifically, our research interests led us to be part of soft matter, biomaterials and bioengineering, biophysics, photonics and material characterization, just to name a few. Professionally, I have been able to combine experience as an academic and as member of a national laboratory in a unique manner. On a daily basis, I am a mentor and trainee. What we, as scientists, learn from our students on a daily basis is rewarding both professionally and personally. My Chinese heritage and years of living in western world has given me a comprehensive perspective when it comes to bringing people from all over the world together. With a multi-generation and multi-ethnic family, I improve my work-life balance daily. All of these are essential in defining us as individuals and make each of us unique. If elected, it is my goal to bridge current gaps and bring people together through the Materials Research Society. I believe these efforts will lead to a new era of material science and scientists.

I am privileged to have the opportunities to mentor students and young researchers, but that comes with tremendous responsibilities. I take my job as a mentor seriously and would certainly do my level best within the MRS community. In addition to being technically excellent, my philosophy is to provide comprehensive training opportunities and assistance, so that we get our young generation ready for their future, not only as scientists and engineers, but also as contributors to society as a whole.