About MRS

Pre-show Promotions

As the expositions grow, it becomes crucial to your success to notify your customers that you will be at an MRS exhibit. A variety of tools are available to aid in your pre-show promotion.

Exclusive Access to Preregistration List 

The preregistration list for each meeting is available for rent for showcasing new products or inviting existing or prospective clients to visit your booth—an exclusive benefit to exhibitors. Contact Robin Nazaruk for additional information.

MRS Mailing Lists 

Available year-round for rent, MRS postal and email distribution lists provide timely access to a target audience of materials science and engineering professionals from around the world. Lists are available by four main categories and can be tailored to meet your particular needs. Contact Robin Nazaruk for additional information.

Complimentary Exhibit Invitations 

Personalized electronic complimentary exhibit invitations let you offer all of your valued past, present and future customers free admission to the exhibit hall. Personalized invitations are available by contacting Donna Watterson.