Technical Sessions

Symposium A: Compliant Energy Sources

Symposium B: Thermoelectric Materials Research and Device Development for Power Conversion and Refrigeration

Symposium C: Electrocatalysis and Interfacial Electrochemistry for Energy Conversion and Storage

Symposium D: Energy-Critical Materials

Symposium E: Photovoltaic Technologies–Materials, Devices, and Systems

Symposium F: Oxide Thin Films for Renewable Energy Applications

Symposium G: Materials as Tools for Sustainability

Symposium H: Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells

Symposium I: Functional Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Symposium J: Materials Aspects of Advanced Lithium Batteries

Symposium K: Hierarchically Structured Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

Symposium L: Biomimetic Nanoscale Platforms, Particles, and Scaffolds for Biomedical Applications

Symposium M: Bioinspired Directional Surfaces–From Nature to Engineered Textured Surfaces

Symposium N: Precision Polymer Materials–Fabricating Functional Assemblies, Surfaces, Interfaces, and Devices

Symposium O: Next-Generation Polymer-based Organic Photovoltaics

Symposium P: Single-Crystalline Organic and Polymer Semiconductors–Fundamentals and Devices

Symposium Q: Functional and Responsive Materials Exploiting Peptide and Protein Self-Assembly

Symposium R: Fundamentals of Assembly in Biomolecular and Biomimetic Systems

Symposium S: Directed Self-Assembly for Nanopatterning

Symposium T: Membrane Material Platforms and Concepts for Energy, Environment, and Medical Applications

Symposium U: Colloidal Crystals, Quasicrystals, Assemblies, Jammings, and Packings

Symposium V: Geometry and Topology of Biomolecular and Functional Nanomaterials

Symposium W: Carbon Nanomaterials

Symposium Y: Combustion Synthesis of Functional Nanomaterials

Symposium Z: Oxide Semiconductors

Symposium AA: Oxide Nanoelectronics and Multifunctional Dielectrics

Symposium BB: Recent Advances in Optical, Acoustic, and Other Emerging Metamaterials

Symposium CC: Optically Active Nanostructures

Symposium DD: Group IV Semiconductor Nanostructures and Applications

Symposium EE: Diamond Electronics and Biotechnology–Fundamentals to Applications VI

Symposium FF: Semiconductor Nanowires–Optical and Electronic Characterization and Applications

Symposium GG: Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Nanostructured Materials

Symposium HH: Advances in Materials for Nuclear Energy

Symposium II: Atomic Structure and Chemistry of Domain Interfaces and Grain Boundaries

Symposium JJ: Intermetallic-based Alloys–Science, Technology, and Applications

Symposium KK: Complex Metallic Alloys

Symposium LL: Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXXVI

Symposium MM: Materials under Extreme Environments

Symposium NN: Structure-Property Relations in Amorphous Solids

Symposium OO: Properties, Processing, and Applications of Reactive Materials

Symposium PP: Frontiers of Chemical Imaging–Integrating Electrons, Photons, and Ions

Symposium QQ: Materials Informatics

Symposium RR: Advanced Multiscale Materials Simulation–Toward Inverse Materials Computation

Symposium SS: Quantitative In situ Electron Microscopy

Symposium TT: Defects and Microstructure Complexity in Materials

Symposium UU: Scanning Probe Microscopy–Frontiers in Nanotechnology

Symposium VV: Advanced Materials Exploration with Neutrons and Synchrotron X-Rays

Symposium WW: Roll-to-Roll Processing of Electronics and Advanced Functionalities

Symposium XX: Materials and Concepts for Biomedical Sensing

Symposium YY: Low-Voltage Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy for Materials Characterization

Symposium ZZ: Communicating Social Relevancy in Materials Science and Engineering Education

Symposium AAA: The Business of Nanotechnology IV

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