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ULVAC Technologies Inc.
HELIOT 900 Leak Detector

SPI Supplies
Sample Preparation Equipment and Consumables

Ted Pella, Inc.
Microscopy Supplies and
Specimen Preparation Tool

Electrostatics Corp.

Ion Beams, RBS, PIXE,
AMS, MeV Implant

Unrivalled Raw Data

American Elements
Now Invent.™

CRAIC Technologies
Raman, UV-vis-NIR, Fluorescence, Polarization Microspectroscopy

Minus K Technology
Best Low-Frequency
Vibration Isolation

HORIBA Scientific
Most Advanced
Ellipsometry Solutions

Chocolate Phase ID

Angstrom Engineering
Thin Film Deposition Equipment and Material

MTI Corporation
Total Solution for Material Research

AdValue Technology, LLC
Powders, Crucibles, Tubes, Plates, Custom Parts

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Advancing Materials Science Research Worldwide

Sigma-Aldrich Materials Science
Because Materials Matter

Bruker Nano
Surfaces Division

Low-cost, High-quality
AFM Probes


Impact Factors
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Materials in Focus

Scientists directly measure electron-phonon coupling in a superconductor
A team of scientists combines two measurements to experimentally measure electron-phonon coupling with extraordinary precision.

Combining graphene with quantum dots makes the most broadband CMOS image sensor
This prototype digital camera made from graphene-quantum dot photodetectors operates from ultraviolet to the visible to the near-infrared range.

Bacteria turn methane into electricity
Six peptides identified that act as tunable precursors that give different melanin-like polymers.

Bio Focus: Structure of natural materials informs design of graphene-based composites
Graphene oxide-polydopamine composites assembled into stacks are modeled after the structure of nacre shells.

Intermolecular forces for self-assembly identified through simulations
Formulation demonstrated for three system types: cluster fluids, porous mesophases, and crystals.

Energy Focus: Operando XRD captures soluble polysulfide intermediates in lithium-sulfur batteries
A novel way to use XRD to quantify polysulfide intermediates could be used to improve the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries.

People in Focus

Interview with Susan Trolier-McKinstry (Penn State), MRS President
Sociedade Brasileira de Pesquisa em Materiais (SBPMat Brazil-MRS) interviews the president of the Materials Research Society on her area of research (piezoelectric materials) and on the benefits of materials research societies.

Industry Focus

Inside the Fall and Rebirth of a Bill Gates–Backed Battery Startup
A China Titans affiliate bought the bankrupt storage startup Aquion and plans to sell its batteries directly to big grid operators.

Policy Focus

Tracking clean-energy progress 2017
The International Energy Agency presents an interactive dashboard that shows which technologies are on track for a sustainable energy transition.


Critical Meeting Deadlines

XXVI International Materials Research Congress 2017
August 20-25, 2017
Cancun, Mexico

A joint meeting of the Sociedad Mexicana de Materiales and the Materials Research Society
International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM 2017)
September 17-22, 2017
Washington, DC

exhibit opportunities available

Closes 5:00 pm (ET), September 1
2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
November 26-December 1, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts

exhibit opportunities available

Opens Mid-September
2018 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit
April 2-6, 2018
Phoenix, Arizona

exhibit opportunities available

Abstract Submission Opens September 29


Critical Publications Deadlines

Call for Papers
April 2018 – Journal of Materials Research 33(7)
Advanced Atomistic Algorithms in Materials Science
Submission Deadline:
September 1, 2017
Call for Papers
May 2018 – Journal of Materials Research 33(9)
Porous Carbon and Carbonaceous Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage
Submission Deadline:
October 1, 2017
Call for Papers
June 2018 – Journal of Materials Research 33(11)
Wide Energy Gap Semiconductors: Material Issues and Device Implications
Submission Deadline:
November 1, 2017




ESR Detection of X-Ray-Induced Free Radicals in Crosslinked Silica Aerogels
  Benjamin M. Walters, Ramón V. León, Muhammad S. Jahan and Firouzeh Sabri, MRS Advances

Phosphorene: An emerging 2D material
  Kiho Cho, Jiong Yang, Yuerui Lu, Journal of Materials Research

Single and Few-Layer MoS2: CVD Synthesis, Transference, and Photodetection Application
  Gustavo A. Saenz, Carlos de Anda Orea and Anupama B. Kaul, MRS Advances

Size effects of micrometer-scaled metals—the search continues for materials containing real microstructures
  A.H.W. Ngan, X.X. Chen, P.S.S. Leung, R. Gu, K.F. Gan, MRS Communications

Bio Focus

Graphene Based Biosensors—Accelerating Medical Diagnostics to New-Dimensions
  Neha Chauhan, Toru Maekawa, Dasappan Nair Sakthi Kumar, Journal of Materials Research

Graphene based biosensors for healthcare
  Trupti Terse-Thakoor, Sushmee Badhulika,  Ashok Mulchandani, Journal of Materials Research

Multimaterial, heterogeneous, and multicellular three-dimensional bioprinting
  Carmelo De Maria, Giovanni Vozzi, and Lorenzo Moroni, MRS Bulletin

Natural melanin pigments and their interfaces with metal ions and oxides: emerging concepts and technologies
  Eduardo Di Mauro, Ri Xu, Guido Soliveri, Clara Santato, MRS Communications

Progress in three-dimensional bioprinting
  Adam W. Feinberg and Jordan S. Miller, MRS Bulletin

Three-dimensional printing with sacrificial materials for soft matter manufacturing
  Christopher S. O’Bryan, Tapomoy Bhattacharjee, Sean R. Niemi, Sidhika Balachandar, Nicholas Baldwin, S. Tori Ellison, Curtis R. Taylor, W. Gregory Sawyer, and Thomas E. Angelini, MRS Bulletin

Toward next-generation bioinks: Tuning material properties pre- and post-printing to optimize cell viability
  Alexandra L. Rutz, Phillip L. Lewis, and Ramille N. Shah, MRS Bulletin

Energy Focus

Nanostructured layered vanadium oxide as cathode for high-performance sodium-ion batteries: a perspective
  Wen Luo, Jean-Jacques Gaumet, Liqiang Mai, MRS Communications

Nano Focus

Spirited Skies project: Silica Aerogel in Art and Design Applications
  Michaloudis Ioannis and Matthew van Roden, MRS Advances


Micro Water Balloons
Sarah Hann, University of Pennsylvania

Grand Canyon, a Science as Art second place winner

All-aqueous microcapsules made by polyelectrolyte complexes, inflated by negative osmotic pressure. False colored, each capsule is about 100 micrometers across.

See more from the Science as Art competition at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting.

Copyright for all Science as Art images belongs to the Materials Research Society. To request permission to re-use the images, please contact Anita Miller.


Dianne Chong (retired) of Boeing, on materials innovation in industry
MRS Bulletin Material Matters

“Geographic differences [in innovation], in the bigger picture, are not as significant as solving problems that consumers have.”

MRS Bulletin’s Sabrina Sartori, from the University of Oslo, talks with Dianne Chong (retired), former vice president, Boeing Research and Technology, of the Boeing Engineering, Operations & Technology organization. In this position she led special projects that impacted processes and program integration for the Boeing Enterprise. The interview took place at the 2016 MRS Meeting in Phoenix.


High Resolution, Large Chamber, Analytical SEM

Featuring exceptional image fidelity at any kV with a high brightness, long life emitter, the new JSM-IT300HR from JEOL USA combines the performance of a Field Emission SEM with the simplicity of the JEOL InTouchScope™ SEM series.
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Portable GC/MS for Chemical Hazard Identification

FLIR Systems announces the Griffin G510 Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS), its first person-portable chemical identifier that will enable military and civil responders to easily sample all phases of matter to rapidly identify chemical hazards in the field.
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