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ULVAC Technologies Inc.
Arc Plasma Deposition Systems

SPI Supplies
Sample Preparation Equipment and Consumables

Ted Pella, Inc.
Microscopy Supplies and
Specimen Preparation Tool

Electrostatics Corp.

Ion Beams, RBS, PIXE,
AMS, MeV Implant

Unrivalled Raw Data

American Elements
Now Invent.™

CRAIC Technologies
Raman, UV-vis-NIR, Fluorescence, Polarization Microspectroscopy

Minus K Technology
Best Low-Frequency
Vibration Isolation

HORIBA Scientific
Most Advanced
Ellipsometry Solutions

Alpha Quartz

Angstrom Engineering
Thin Film Deposition Equipment and Material

MTI Corporation
Total Solution for Material Research

AdValue Technology, LLC
Powders, Crucibles, Tubes, Plates, Custom Parts

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Advancing Materials Science Research Worldwide

Sigma-Aldrich Materials Science
Because Materials Matter

ISMES VI--Caltech
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2017 MRS Spring Meeting
2017 MRS Spring Meeting—REGISTER ONSITE!

The 2017 MRS Spring Meeting is fast approaching, but it’s not too late to register! On-Site Registration will be available Monday, April 17 through Friday, April 21 on the Lower Level of the Phoenix Convention Center.

More information is available at www.mrs.org/spring-2017-registration.

Join in the conversation with Meeting attendees by following #S17MRS on Facebook and Twitter.

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FREE WEBINAR— Materials Enabling Nanofluidic Flow Enhancement
Wednesday, May 3  |  12:00 – 1:30 pm (ET)

Speakers: Davide Mattia, University of Bath and Francesco Fornasiero, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Host: Alan McGaughey, Carnegie Mellon University

Sponsored by American Elements—The Advanced Materials Manufacturer®

Register today
! Attendance for this and all MRS OnDemand Webinars is FREE, but advance registration is required.


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Materials in Focus

Core–shell microfibers fight fires in Li-ion batteries
The separator is made from a core of flame-retardant triphenyl phosphate encased in an unreactive polymer.

Flexible Si sensors allow for long-term electrophysiology
The electrodes in the device are encapsulated in a barrier layer that prevents bio-fluids from penetrating into the sensitive electronics.

Soft graphene–polymer composite makes an extremely sensitive sensor
Resistivity changes are based on the breaking of graphene nanosheet contacts and the easy movement of these nanosheets in the soft polymer material.

Finite-difference methods used to model photonic wave localization in 3D quasicrystals

Quasicrystals could one day be precisely engineered to control localization of electrons, phonons, and photons.

People in Focus

Jennifer A. Dionne to receive Outstanding Young Investigator Award
Jennifer A. Dionne of Stanford University will receive the MRS Outstanding Young Investigator Award “for innovating new materials and methods to visualize and control nanometer-scale optical, electronic, and chemical processes in situ.” She will present her award talk at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. on April 17, 5:15 pm in the Phoenix Convention Center North, 100 Level, Ballroom 120 D.

James M. Rondinelli to receive Outstanding Young Investigator Award
James M. Rondinelli of Northwestern University will receive the MRS Outstanding Young Investigator Award “for pioneering advances in the theoretical understanding of atomic structure-electronic property relations of complex inorganic oxides in bulk, thin film, and superlattice geometries.” He will present his award talk at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. on April 17, 6:00 pm in the Phoenix Convention Center North, 100 Level, Ballroom 120 D.

Joost W.M. Frenken to receive Innovation in Materials Characterization Award
Joost W.M. Frenken of the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography will receive the MRS Innovation in Materials Characterization Award “for the development, application and commercialization of high-speed, temperature-controlled, in situ scanning probe microscopy, leading to key insights in the structure, dynamics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces.” He will present his award talk at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. on April 19, 5:15 pm in the Phoenix Convention Center North, 100 Level, Ballroom 120 D. MRS acknowledges the generosity of Professors Gwo-Ching Wang and Toh-Ming Lu for endowing this award.

Nicola Spaldin to receive the Mid-Career Researcher Award
Nicola Spaldin of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich (ETH Zürich) will receive the MRS Mid-Career Researcher Award “for creating a new theoretical framework describing multiferroics and for service to the materials community.” Spaldin will be recognized during the Award Ceremony at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz., but will deliver her presentation at the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. The Mid-Career Research Award is endowed by MilliporeSigma (Sigma-Aldrich Materials Science).

Joseph M. DeSimone to deliver The Fred Kavli Distinguished Lecture in Materials Science
Joseph M. DeSimone of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will present the The Fred Kavli Distinguished Lecture in Materials Science at the Plenary Session at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. on April 18, 8:15 am in the Phoenix Convention Center North, 100 Level, Ballroom 120 D. His talk is title, “Future Fabricated with Light—Continuous Liquid Interface Production to Drive Additive Manufacturing.”

Industry Focus

Meet Vantablack: The Blackest Material Known To Science
Vantablack has the power to absorb 99.96% of light in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectrum. Now, the material has come out in a sprayable form.

Policy Focus

Materials Minute: March for Science
This episode describes MRS and the March for Science.

Materials Minute: Federal Funding for NSF and NIST
This episode explains the bi-partisan effort in the Senate to increase federal funding for key agencies.


American Elements serves as suppliers to the aerospace industry

American Elements scientists and engineers have decades of experience supplying major global manufacturers including NASA, Boeing, Airbus, Northrop Grumman, JPL, SpaceX, and Lockheed Martin. Their advanced, high-performance materials meet OEM and MRO standards for aerospace and are suitable for all coating techniques including thin film deposition (ALD, PVD, CVD, PECVD, MOCVD), thermal spray coating, sputtering, conversion coatings, and other cutting-edge technologies.  Products include:

  • ultra-high purity oxide powders including gallium oxide and gallium-doped zinc oxide
  • metal and alloy powders
  • refractory ceramics (carbides, tungstates, molybdates)
  • chemicals and organometallic precursors such as cerium citrate
  • specialty pigments
  • carbon fibers and composite materials
  • graphene and carbon nanotubes
  • custom alloys  
Email the American Elements aerospace coatings division at aerospace@americanelements.com to gain the responsiveness, high quality, and low cost that comes with having American Elements on your supplier team!

Corporate Partner Program supports the Materials Research Society Foundation®.


Search for water-splitting catalysts for global usage

Catalyst development bridges bioinspiration and materials discovery.

Can carbon capture and storage deliver on its promise?
Expense, newness, and perceived risk have bred uncertainty, resulting in diminished interest from the private sector and major setbacks.

Going to extremes: Photographer captures the complex work of Johns Hopkins materials scientists
Jay Gould creates an exhibition based on his artist-in-residence experience at the Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute.

CO2 emissions from energy remain flat for third year running
Global emissions from the energy sector were 32.1 billion tonnes in 2016, the same as the previous two years, while the economy grew 3.1%, says the International Energy Agency.

Featured Events at the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting

The upcoming 2017 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix will feature three Exhibitor Workshops in the Phoenix Convention Center, Lower Level, Halls 5 & 6—Exhibit Stage.

Below are just a few highlights. For more details of all Meeting activities, visit www.mrs.org/spring-2017-activities-events. To receive daily news from the Meeting, subscribe to the Meeting Scene.

Setting New Standards in 3D Micro Printing

Tuesday, April 18  |  10:30 am – 11:30 am

Nanoscribe GmbH
, Booth 518
This workshop will explain how object properties can be changed by adding nanoparticles using coating or casting techniques to have access to metal, ceramics and semiconductors.

Materials and Device Characterization
Tuesday, April 18  |  3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Zurich Instruments Ltd.
, Booth 505
This workshop will show examples of transport measurements in nano-electronics, impedance analysis and optical and magnetic materials characterization.

Milling Techniques and Technology for Achieving Nanoparticles
Wednesday, April 19  |  3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Verder Scientific, Inc.
, Booth 304
This workshop will discuss the process for creating nanoparticles, considerations during the process and new high energy milling principles.

Critical Meeting Deadlines

2017 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit
April 17-21, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona

exhibit opportunities available
Opens 7:00 am (PT),
April 17!
75th Device Research Conference (DRC)
June 25-28, 2017
University of Notre Dame
South Bend, Indiana

exhibit opportunities available
Register by 5:00 pm (ET), June 9!
59th Electronic Materials Conference (EMC)
June 28-30, 2017
University of Notre Dame
South Bend, Indiana

exhibit opportunities available
Register by 5:00 pm (ET), June 9!


Abstract Deadline—May 1
XXVI International Materials Research Congress 2017
August 20-25, 2017
Cancun, Mexico

A joint meeting of the Sociedad Mexicana de Materiales and the Materials Research Society
Ends May 31!
International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM 2017)
September 17-22, 2017
Washington, DC

exhibit opportunities available
Abstract Deadline—April 28
2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit
November 26-December  1, 2017
Boston, Massachusetts

exhibit opportunities available
Abstract Submission—
May 15 - June 15


Critical Publications Deadlines

Call for Papers
December 2017 – Journal of Materials Research 32(23)

Mechanical properties and microstructure of advanced
metallic alloys – in honor of Prof. Hael Mughrabi
Submission deadline:
May 1, 2017
Call for Papers
January 2018Journal of Materials Research 33(1)
Early Career Scholars in Materials Science
Submission Deadline:
June 1, 2017
Call for Papers
February 2018 – Journal of Materials Research 33(3)
Architected Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, Modeling and Optimal Design
Submission Deadline:
July 1, 2017
Call for Papers
March 2018Journal of Materials Research 33(5)
Electrocatalysts for Oxygen and Hydrogen Evolution
Submission Deadline:
August 1, 2017




Are lead-free piezoelectrics more environmentally friendly?
  T. Ibn-Mohammed, S. C. L. Koh, I. M. Reaney, D. C. Sinclair, K. B. Mustapha, A. Acquaye, and D. Wang, MRS Communications

One-step synthesis and deposition of few-layer graphene via facile, dry ball-free milling
  Abdul Hai Alami, Kamilia Aokal, Mhd Adel Assad, Di Zhang, Hussain Alawadhi and Bilal Rajab, MRS Advances

Research Progress of Graphene-based Microwave Absorbing Materials in the last decade
  Jun-Sheng Li, Hui Huang, Yong-Jiang Zhou, Chao-Yang Zhang, and Zhao-Ting Li,
Journal of Materials Research

Transition of Dislocation Glide to Shear Transformation in Shocked Tantalum
  Luke L. Hsiung and Geoffrey H. Campbell, MRS Advances

Bio Focus

The Influence of Metalized Graphene Oxide/Reduced Graphene Oxide and Sulfonated Polystyrene on Dental Pulp Stem Cell Differentiation and Protein Adsorption
  Rachel Sacks, Gila Schein, Rebecca Isseroff, Vincent Ricotta, Marcia Simon, Miriam Rafailovich, MRS Advances

Three-dimensionally printed cellular architecture materials: perspectives on fabrication, material advances, and applications
  Manpreet Kaur, Seung Min Han, and Woo Soo Kim, MRS Communications

Nano Focus

Diketopyrrolopyrrole-based polymer:fullerene nanoparticle films with thermally stable morphology for organic photovoltaic applications
  Natalie P. Holmes, Ben Vaughan, Evan L. Williams, Renee Kroon, Mats R. Anderrson, A.L.David Kilcoyne, Prashant Sonar, Xiaojing Zhou, Paul C. Dastoor, and Warwick J. Belcher,
MRS Communications

Effects of carbon nanotube content on morphology of SiCp(CNT) hybrid reinforcement and tensile mechanical properties of SiCp(CNT)/Al composites
  Shisheng Li, Yishi Su, Huiling Jin, Yu Huang, Qiubao Ouyang, and Di Zhang,
Journal of Materials Research

Flows in one-dimensional and two-dimensional carbon nanochannels: Fast and curious
  Mainak Majumder, Alessandro Siria, and Lydéric Bocquet, MRS Bulletin

Impurity Stabilization of Nanocrystalline Grains in Pulsed Laser Deposited Tantalum
  Olivia K. Donaldson, Wenbo Wang, Khalid Hattar, and Jason R. Trelewicz,
Journal of Materials Research

Materials enabling nanofluidic flow enhancement
  Alan J.H. McGaughey and Davide Mattia, MRS Bulletin

Modeling slip and flow enhancement of water in carbon nanotubes
  Sridhar Kumar Kannam, Peter J. Daivis, and B.D. Todd, MRS Bulletin

Modeling the effects of material chemistry on water flow enhancement in nanotube membranes
  Francesco Calabrò, MRS Bulletin


Dragon egg
Ji Hao, Northeastern University

A scanning electron microscopy image of a carbon ball made from bundles of carbon nanotubes treated by an electrical method.

See more from the Science as Art competition at the 2016 MRS Fall Meeting.

Copyright for all Science as Art images belongs to the Materials Research Society. To request permission to re-use the images, please contact Anita Miller.


Cathy Fleischer on innovation and the role of basic and applied materials research
MRS Bulletin Materials Matters

MRS Bulletin’s Sabrina Sartori from the University of Oslo talks with Cathy Fleischer, managing partner of BigSky Technologies LLC and former R&D director of Eastman Kodak Research. Fleischer covers green innovation and public outreach. The interview took place at the 2016 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix.


New Semiautomated Acoustic Microscope

The new J610™ from Sonoscan® is a large-area scan bed, semiautomated acoustic microscope used for component screening applications and analysis.
Read more »
Intelligent Pipette Asset Management System

The Rainin SmartStand from METTLER TOLEDO is an intelligent, highly scalable pipette asset management system that helps busy labs and lab managers proactively manage compliance and save time on recordkeeping and reporting.
Read more »

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